The New Collab I’m Obsessed With (Ft. Bench Canada)

About a year ago, I started working with Bench. Canada as one of their ambassadors. It’s been such a fun adventure and the brand has really embodied their vision over the course of the year. They’ve moved forward with so many cool projects and I’m always so inspired by brands who are taking the extra mile to really connect with their followers.

One of the things they started really committing to was bridging the gap between active (and comfy) wear and stylish trends. It’s a hard balancing act, but it speaks to my style perfectly. I’m all about comfort first, and style as a product of comfort (Comfort = Confidence = Style).


Their new project that just launched is their capsule collection with Jess Glynne. You probably know her from her smash hit Hold My Hand. That’s how I always knew her at least. From her partnership with Bench, I feel like I know her so much better though. The capsule collection has her energy and infectious charisma written all over it. It was, after all, inspired by her personality – loud, electric, and bold.

JGxBench_SS16_03   JGxBench_SS16_13


It’s a lot of black (woot woot for versatility), with pops of metallic and a very badass print. It sings the same tune as Bench with its 24 hour staple vibe – which I’m obsessed with because I’m all about the convertible pieces. Even though the materials are incredibly comfortable (made with that favourite cotton blend I’m in love with from Bench), the collection almost feels effortlessly glamorous.

They’re definitely pieces that make a statement, although subtly. MY FAV!


JGxBench_SS16_02   JGxBench_SS16_11

I picked up 4 pieces from the collection as soon as it launched. I loved how her personality really shone through each piece. It’s like stepping into her person and embodying every electric quality she boasts. The pieces also speak volumes to the world of music. Each of them have this sort of melody behind its design (am I crazy? probably haha but I can hear it). I actually wore one of the pieces to a hip hop class this week and it gave me serious swag haha

Can you guess which pieces I picked?

Obviously, I was drawn to the black pieces. They’re not just your average black staples though – they’re different, they fall along the lines of your body perfectly, and they tell a story. I can picture exactly where each of these pieces will fit into my life. Here’s what I picked and how I see myself wearing them.


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These are the harem pants I sported at my hip hop class. The drop crotch isn’t too ridiculous and the material almost flows with the movements of your body. It’s also high waisted (perfect for pairing with a crop top without looking rachet) and are made with that amazing comfy fabric. I may have also worn them to bed because they’re SO damn comfy.


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This is probably the coolest piece I picked up. It’s boxy vibe is super stylish and on-trend, but the mesh pattern is what sold me. It’s also only $50! Layered over top of a crop top, it’s got the “cool chick” vibe down pat. I’ll be styling it with a metallic skirt or cool flared out culottes and heels. Can you tell I’m excited?


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I’ve got a couple trips coming up and one of my favourite things to bring with me (and wear on the plane) is a romper… especially a super comfy one. I love how this one has a turtle neck touch (super sophisticated), but also has wide arm holes (sexy side boob action coming right at ya)!


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You knew I would pick this, didn’t you wink emoji? Of course I would. If it wasn’t the marble pattern, it’s the name. I love the story (although probably imagined on my own haha) of this piece. It reminds of a loved one coming in and sealing up my cracks and flaws, but never trying to perfect me. The scars are what make you original. C’mon, you knew I couldn’t write a post without inserting a cliché metaphor! 

I can’t wait to style all these pieces. You can check out all the pieces from the capsule collection here.

I may not have Jess’ incredible, firey hair, but I’m going to embody her energy. Stay tuned for my styling of these pieces. I might just be flipping my hair back and forth and running around (while singing Hold My Hand)… would you expect anything less emoji?

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