Shopping At Geox: Which Pair Did I Choose?

There’s definitely a globally revolutionized love for sneakers. Everywhere you turn, it’s the new pair of sneakers you just HAVE to have. I don’t know about you, but sneakers get me every time. Unlike heels, I tend to rationalize it as “well, they’re comfy, so I’ll wear them more”. Needless to say, I’ve definitely accumulated my share of sneakers… but there’s always room for more haha


I got the chance to shop the Geox store recently and was immediately impressed by the way the brand had stepped up its style game. I’m a huge lover for Geox… but it was more for the comfort of their shoes, not so much their style.


The backstory is that my mom loves Geox, so I grew up with Geox shoes all the time. They got me through dirt, mud, playdates, and all the recklessness of a childhood. I never really thought of Geox as the fashion brand; but I find myself now with my foot in my mouth. They are definitely upping their style game (while maintaining the same comfort I know and love).


They just launched their Nebula collection, which features brand new technology that ensure lightness and breathability. It boasts a unique sole for flexibility, cushioning, stability, and grip – perfect for us flat footers emojiIt also includes a 3-dimensional breathing concept that’s also prepped with weather protection. They’re also elastic, so they’re perfect for easy-slip on (every traveler’s dream). 


You’ll see more of my love for the Nebula collection a little later. For this shopping trip, I actually picked up their Jaysen sneaker in metallic gold. The leather is so incredibly soft and the champagne gold goes with just about everything. I’ve been looking for a good metallic sneaker for a while, so this was a welcomed surprise.

It features a cushioned, flat sole, that they actually patented. It combines the feature of being perforated with a resistant, breathable, and water-repellent membrane, so no more stinky feet!

**DSC_0568 2

I styled my new fav pair with my “positive moto” clutch I picked up at a market in Taiwan and a comfy slouch-sportswear outfit. This is literally my favourite on-the-go, running-around, errand-hopping outfit; but now it includes a super sleek pair of metallic sneaks.

**DSC_0612 2

The staff at Geox were so helpful. I’m a size 10.5 (hello clown feet monkey emojiat Geox, but the staff were so accommodating in making sure I found the right size for optimal comfort. They were definitely speaking my language!

*DSC_0571 2


I’m also super excited to announce to you guys that this shopping adventure actually kicked off my ambassadorship with Geox! I’ll be bringing you all their newest technology and lots of shoe love over the course of it. Also, as always, there’ll be goodies in store for you too! I can’t wait to share it all.

Comfort and style is my #1 philosophy about fashion. So the partnership felt like the perfect fit! Here’s to lighter walks, more hustling, and lots of new sneakers emoji emoji

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What’s your perception of Geox shoes? Do you think they’re stylish?


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