The New Spot In Toronto For Innovation (Ft. CIBC Live Lounge Launch)

My entire career has effectively been in or has heavily involved technology innovation. From building start ups to working at multinational tech companies, it’s fair to say that my love for innovation and technology runs deep. AKA major nerd feels. There’s just something so sexy and captivating to me about building a product out of nothing or making a mere idea come to life. Call it cheesy, but it’s these innovations that are changing our world. 

And a bi-product of this world of innovation is the really cool and innovative workspaces, opportunities, and ecosystems that are built as a result of it. We’re blessed in the tech world to have companies, visionaries, and groups of people who rally together to support the cause that is innovation. And I think we’re just at the tip of the iceberg. 


The other day, I had the opportunity to attend CIBC’s Digital Showcase, where they officially launched the CIBC Live Lounge. I was blown away by the amount of energy, innovation, and thought-leadership all in one room. 

What is the CIBC Live Lounge?

Especially as entrepreneurs and innovation-cravers, we’ve all been there. Y’know, when you’re trying to work out an idea, collaborate with some fellow visionaries, build something great… and there’s nowhere to do it? You don’t want to pay for office space and coffee shops can get loud and distracting. The CIBC Live Lounge really helps to alleviate some of this harsh reality for innovation. The space offers a creative atmosphere for MaRS (where the live is) tenants and startups to work, meet and network in the MaRS ecosystem. 


Having a dedicated space in the MaRS building is huge. Having a dedicated space allows CIBC to continue to collaborate with leading tech talent and focus on developing new ways to innovate in the fin-tech world for its clients. I think it’s a clear demonstration of how a large Canadian institution is really leaning in to the philosophy of innovation… and I love it. 


Their opening of the CIBC Live Lounge also celebrates the first year of success for CIBC Live Labs, which is also located in the MaRS building. They showcased all the awesome work they’re a part of at the event to showcase how it’s truly building “The Bank of The Future”.

What I Discovered At The Digital Showcase

Besides just being an awesome event all in all (I downed about 10 strawberry milkshakes), each station throughout the Digital Showcase was utterly inspiring. To see what CIBC and its partners have accomplished or helped facilitated to build is just so cool. I was fascinated by the apps that have come out of the CIBC Live Labs – from a Facebook Messenger bot that tells you just about everything you need to know about finance to the solution to how to pay more efficiently at a lemonade stand. The innovations that have come out of the incubator are absolutely astonishing, and definitely a view into the future. 




I think that initiatives like this are what really bring together our society. It brings together brilliant minds, consumers, and world leaders alike to begin thinking about how we can truly make the world a better place. Innovation is at the heart of history. From railway tracks to being able to watch a movie through a piece of glass… it’s all been innovation. And if you’re a techy like myself, you’re probably oozing with excitement about all the great things to come. 

So a very big cheers to the MaRS building and CIBC for really pushing the envelope forward, for inspiring people, for developing a space for people to create and collaborate, and for leading the world towards more innovation. The future is bright because of initiatives like this. 

mel inspired