Why No Dress Code Is The Best Dress Code (Ft. Ecco)

Dress codes are ever increasingly becoming a thing of the past. This realization really dawned on me when I was on my way to work and my older relatives asked me, “Is that what you’re wearing to work?” 

I’ve been lucky to work in a progressive workplace throughout my entire career. Working in tech and the start up world, it’s almost a sure thing that you’ll work in an open concept space with the dress code being a tshirt and jeans. That being said, my family’s comment made me realize that this wasn’t always the case. A dress code used to be the mark of a successful career – a suit and tie, or a dress that went past your knees. And to some degree, I suppose it still is in some industries.

Despite this, I think there’s something to be said for the fact that there are so many people carving their own careers out for themselves nowadays. And it’s liberated them to create their own dress code, or lack thereof, for not only themselves, but for the people they influence.

And this revolution is magical. Why, you ask? It’s just clothes after all… 


I don’t believe it’s just clothes. I think this subtle change in the workforce is a symbol of social tolerance.  I think it’s about embracing self expression in our careers, where most of us spend almost half of our lives. The more we encourage people to dress and express themselves the way they’d like to, the more we’re also opening ourselves to unique ideas, collaboration, and understanding.

A lack of dress code isn’t just good for people, it’s also good for business. Allowing people to feel comfortable in being themselves also allows for unique perspectives, and from that spurs innovation. Not to be completely biased, but the tech world is a prime example of this.

Everyone’s careers are different, and the way we have them dress should be open to embracing that difference. And being strong-willed about that personal identity that you bring to the table is one of reasons why you’re a great asset.

The way I dress at work is what makes me feel confident and comfortable. I wear things that make me feel strong, allow me to run to meetings without falling, and also doesn’t make me fidget while sitting in front a computer troubleshooting a piece of code.

Right now, that includes a classic blazer, a comfy turtleneck, ripped jeans layered over stockings, and last but not least, my favourite working textured ballerina flat from ECCO.

More on the ECCO Shape Textured Ballerina

Perfect for the new year, this subtle rendition of the ballet flat has everything you need to be a candidate for your perfect work shoe, whether you have a formal dress code or not.

These ECCO flats are handcrafted from rich leather, so it’ll mould to the shape of your foot. The footbed is probably my favourite though. As soon as you slide your feet in, you know its shaped-shank technology is working for you. Comfort is huge for me at work. If I don’t feel comfortable, I’m not confident… and it directly impacts the work that I do.

Having this comfy shoe in my collection puts action to the phrase “fits like a glove”. And sure, it’s not loud and it’s not a crazy statement, but it’s one of my most reliable shoes I own. And when I’m not shooting or cafe hopping, and I’m working or running around to meetings (which is most of the time), comfort is what’s important.

But regardless of what your dress code is for yourself, just make sure it’s you. And if you do have a dress code at work, find little ways like these subtlety detailed ECCO flats, to make it your own.

Life is too short to conform to what doesn’t feel naturally “you” emoji

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*This post was in partnership with ECCO Canada. All thoughts and opinions are my own.