Don’t Let Anything Dim Your Sparkle

There are factors all day that try and bring down your sparkle. What do I mean by this? I mean anything that doesn’t go the way you planned, people discouraging you, “life” events getting in the way, etc. It can definitely be seen as, anything that doesn’t lift you up, really just brings you down.


This is how I used to look at life. It was easier to combat things and defend myself when I did. It made me bitter and that bitterness was fuel for me, I suppose. What I found was that it was in no way sustainable. It fact, it was toxic.


What I realized was that life isn’t rainbows and unicorns. We often give ourselves the illusion that life is or will be the perfect plan we had hoped. Then we get disappointed. Then we blame the world for getting us down.



The blatant truth: shit happens. There’s nothing we can do about that, but WHAT we do with it is the pivotal point. Do we spin it into a spiraling horror of self-pity and world-hating or do we leverage it and smile through it all.


CP2_0303    CP2_0193**CP2_0237

I’m pretty sure the right answer is the latter. At the end of the day, the world, as much as we hate to believe it, doesn’t owe us anything. But it is beautiful. And we should never forget how beautiful it is, amongst the shit that often consumes us.


Let nothing dim your sparkle. That’s the lesson. That twinkle in your eye, that pep in your step.

This life lesson came to me at a perfect time. I was having what felt like one of the worst days in my life, when I decided to stop by the mall and get some shopping out of the way. Naturally, going into Geox, I spotted just about a million pairs of shoes I wanted (especially with their new fall line releasing).


CP2_0284_sq    CP2_0280_sq


These Jaysens were actually inspired by tennis shoes in the 80s. I love thinking about what inspired something that catches my eyes. It makes me wonder about the story of the people behind them. The craftsman, the designers, the person who thought… sequins + sneakers = genius. Of course, they also feature the extraordinary comfort that comes naturally with any Geox pair of shoes.


But one in particular caught my eye. The new sequined Anthracite Jaysens (I have about 5 pairs of Jaysens now, and I just keep on collecting them). The reason for it was that somehow the outlandish nature of them brought me a smile. A pair of shoes. It was like seeing a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time. Or a puppy. Yes, it was like seeing a puppy.


My whole mood changed. I started to think, wow, can a smile really do that to your day? Yes, yes it can. All you have to do is to find something to smile about.

CP2_0216   CP2_0324

And that’s the inspiration behind this outfit. It’s about how these shoes brought me a smile and that smile changed my life for that moment, that day, that millisecond of time.


Don’t forget how lucky you are to have the things you do.  Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Plus, I’m a firm believer that what you put out into the world comes right back at you. Bring on the positivity.

mel inspired

What dims your sparkle? What helps you get your sparkle back?