The Perfect Gift For The Person You Love (Ft. Jewel Within)

Gifts are a tricky thing. When you give them, you want the other person to love it, but you also want it to mean something more than just an object. Or at least that’s how I look at gift-giving.


Perhaps it’s the sentimental sap in me, but I like to give gifts that either have some sort of backstory to it or that will remind the recipient of something we share together. When I look back at the gifts that Dave and I have exchanged over the years, I always remember how he gave it to me, what we were going through during that time, and I look back at my gifts fondly because of it. It’s not just something I got, loved for a season or two and forgot about shortly after.


That’s likely why I’m in love with Jewel Within, a Canadian based luxury home and jewelry company. Their beautiful creation of candles, bath bombs, and scented melts not only look beautiful on any desk, but they also reveal quite a beautiful surprise within it…. jewelry. A beautiful smelling candle with a prize inside is literally like the adult version of a Kinder Surprise egg!


And it’s not just any jewelry inside. The team carefully chooses pieces that include 925 sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. They also take trends into consideration, researching for hours to find current pieces that people will love and cherish past the day they found it floating in their bath or candle.

It’s literally like the adult version of a Kinder Surprise Egg…

The aromas of the home products are also beautiful. I personally chose the Bold Coconut, Mineral Spa (my fav), and the Pure Lavender scents. I use the Bold Coconut on my desk while I’m working, the Mineral Spa when I need a little boost of energy, and the Pure Lavender scent right before I go to bed.




The candles have essentially integrated themselves into my life.

What better gift to give this holiday season than a thoughtfully inspired candle that surprises your recipient with a gorgeous piece of jewelry? I haven’t burned straight to the jewelry yet, but some of the pieces I’ve seen thus far are stunning.




I’ll admit I almost burn them for the sake of eagerly trying to find out what’s inside!

I also love the metaphor of giving someone a gift that’s from a company like Jewel Within. I think the symbol of the piece is that the people we have in our lives aren’t just superficial. There are unique elements, jewels if you will, within them that we love them for. It’s that something that’s irreplaceable. Tell your loved ones this when you gift them a Jewel Within piece and they’ll (pun intended) melt over it.



When you’re thinking of gifts this season, Jewel Within should definitely be on your radar. Nothing says I love you better than a gift that tells your loved one that they’re your jewel within  wink emoji

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