The Perfect Sweater: 4 Things To Look For

Sometimes there are days when I wish I lived somewhere warmer. Toronto – could you seriously get any colder?! For reference, it’s -25 degrees Celsius here. That being said, alongside most Torontonians, I do love my city, and as a result, put up with the crazy cold weather. 

One of the ways I cope with it is major layering. It can get tough and I blog about it every winter. I mean there are only so many ways to make a parka look cute! On a positive note though, it makes for some great shopping. In the winter, finding the perfect sweater to layer with is almost an art. It’s easy to take home something beautiful and sparkly, as you’re nestled in the warmth of a mall; but then come home to find out that you need just about 10,000 layers on top of it for it to actually be functional. 

My sweater shopping addiction is so real, I’ve actually created a bit of a science behind shopping for the perfect one. Sharing the 4 things you should look for in the perfect winter sweater below (plus some awesome option that check all the boxes): 








If there’s anything at all that should be paramount when you’re shopping for a sweater (or anything for that matter), it’s comfort. If it’s not comfortable, you bet you’re not going to wear it (and it’s going to be that sweater) in your closet. 

Make sure you take a good peek at the material. Sometimes I’m in a store and try something on with a long sleeve, not realizing that it’s made out of really itchy wool. Ribbed details that offer some stretch are also key to look out for when searching for that comfy sweater.

Feel it out – your closet (and wallet) will thank you for it later.














Because sweaters aren’t exactly the most form-fitting, nor always flattering, of items. They can look frumpy, ill-fitting, and just not cute. Find one that fits your body shape well. 

For me, that’s making sure it’s a wide cow neck. It let’s me show off my collar bones, while framing my shoulders nicely. It also makes for a nice layering possibility (insert collared shirt underneath).














Sweaters can be boring. And for the most part, a lot of my comfiest sweaters are. The “fashion” sweaters often aren’t driven by comfort first. But if you happen to find a cute statement sweater like this one, that’s both comfortable and on-trend, well you’ve hit the sweater jackpot. 

I typically look out for sleeves or collar details to really make a statement.

















Sweaters typically have to go with everything. And if you’re investing a pretty penny (or even just a penny on it at all), it’s good to keep the colour in mind. I almost always gravitate to a neutral sweater (not only because my closet is mostly monochrome – I’m trying to embrace more colour ok!), but because it makes the most sense. 

A well-made sweater often doesn’t come at a single digit price, so making sure I’m investing my money in a piece that will last the test of time and trendiness, means finding it in a colour or tone that will go with everything. 

Try and off-white to get a little risquΓ© (especially if you’re a spilly eater like myself haha).









The sweater I’m wearing here is from Le Chateau and is literally one of my favourites right now. The ribbed detail makes it super comfortable, I love the fit, the sleeves are fiyah, and I’m proud to say I haven’t spilled anything on its beautiful off-white colour just yet. 

For some other amazing options, here’s my sweater wishlist: 

1. Metallic Knit Boat Neck Sweater (Le Chateau, $49.99) | 2. J.O.A. Lace Up Belle Sweater (Shopbop, $51.95) | 3. Baggy Long Thick Knitted Chunky Jumper (Amazon, $24.09)| 4. Evidnt Knit Top with Bell Cuffs ($53.21) | 5. Viscose Blend Mock Neck Sweater (Le Chateau, $39.99) | 6. Solid Turtleneck Long Sleeve Sweater (Amazon, $24.99) | 7. J.O.A. Cable Cold Shoulder Sweater (Shopbop, $45.61) | 8. Madewell Joy Lettuce Crewneck (Shopbop, $50.68) | 9. BB Dakota Debra Sweater ($72.47)

Sweaters are my absolute favourite thing to where in the colder months and I love shopping for them. I hope wherever in the world you are, you’re staying warm and cozy! Life is better cozied up… especially in a cute sweater. 

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  • Perfect sweater and I really like it how you have styled this piece!
    Enjoy the last days of 2017!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    • Mel

      Thank you so much Rena! It’s definitely on heavy rotation in my closet right now. Enjoy the rest of 2017 as well! πŸ™‚

  • Such a great picture and lovely outfit!

    Keep it up the good work.

    Happy new year!
    Alexandra | Perfect Pair Of Thigh-High Boots During This Winter

    • Mel

      Aw thank you Alexandra! So sweet of you! Happy new years indeed!

  • This sweater looks so bomb, and also, you’ve styled it so wonderfully (as always!). Stay warm!!

    • Mel

      Always too sweet! Definitely trying to stay warm haha πŸ™‚

  • Your top is so cute, I love the sleeves

    • Thanks so much Laura! I’m obsessed with a good statement sleeve πŸ™‚

  • Such a cute outfit! Love that top!

    • Thanks so much Samantha! It’s such a cute sweater – I wanted it in more colours haha Le Chateau has some awesome pieces

  • Hi! I love how you describe what makes a sweater the most ideal. I totally agree! Comfort is definitely on the top of the list. That sweater is so cute, versatile, and comfortable I bet. Thanks for sharing this. I’m always on the lookout for soft sweaters!

    • Aw thanks so much for the note Nicole. So glad you liked the post! I dissect all my purchases haha Have to make it worth the dollar spent right! It’s definitely one of my favs in rotation right now. Happy soft sweater shopping πŸ™‚

  • What a nice read. I too look for comfort first before style. You have a really pretty sweater here dear, love the ruffles on the sleeves, so chic!

    Jessica |

    • Thanks Jess! For sure – comfort is #1. I can’t count how many times I’ve purchased things, and if they’re not comfortable, they’ve just ended up collecting dust in my closet. And yes! Ruffles for life haha