Planning For A Year of Comfort (Ft. Fidelity Denim)

There’s no one I know that doesn’t love a good pair of jeans (except for my girl Beautycakez, who is rarely spotted outside of a skirt/shorts even in negative degree weather haha). They’re comfy, versatile, and perfect for so many different outfits and feels.


Finding a good pair of denim can be difficult though. Either they’re two short, sit too high above your hip, or just don’t make your bum look nice. I get it. It’s definitely a struggle. I’m loyal to only a few of my jeans (the ones that are worn outside of just outfit posts and trendy ensembles).


They’re my besties when I don’t feel like piecing together an outfit or want to wear sweatpants but can’t wear sweatpants haha

DSC_4268 2

DSC_4281 2_sq DSC_4273 2_sq

That being said, I’m often reluctant in trying new denim brands. With the new year, I decided, y’know what, I’m going to live a little, and picked up these 2 pairs of Fidelity Denim jeans to try. I had heard they were super comfortable, so I figured they would be right up my alley. No good story comes from uncomfortable denim. 


As always, I was also inspired by the story behind the denim and the brand. It’s normally a huge component of me liking a piece of clothing (knowing where they’re coming from and what vision the brand really has behind it).


DSC_4522_sq DSC_4532 2_sq

Fidelity Denim is proudly Canadian, so it definitely won the first battle. The founder, Jason Trotzuk, actually started out of his parents’ basement in Vancouver, which also touched my start-up junkie heartstrings.


They’ve only been around since 2005, but they’ve really committed themselves to producing good-quality denim. That’s hard to find nowadays with the world of fast-fashion. They source their fabrics from Italy and Japan and each pair of jeans passes through 26 pairs of hands before being sold. HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?! I love a good story behind my clothes.


When I finally received the my two denim pieces, I threw them on and fell in love. The fabric inside literally felt like I was wearing sweats… and you all know how I love my sweats. 

I chose to try the Classic Blue Denim “Charlie” model and the Chrome “Kitch” Jogger Pair (expecting this one to be like sweats) and I was so happy I did. I’m assuming other styles fit similarly, but these two cuts were perfect. They fit true to size, so I’m wearing a 26.

DSC_4186_sq    DSC_4271 2_sq



They’re not the Kim K butt-lifting type of denim, but I’m totally cool with that. They’re comfortable, and to me, that’s what’s most important. If you feel comfortable and confident in something… let’s say it together now haha… you look better in it!

DSC_4261 2

As an ode to its Canadian roots, I’ll styled the classic blue pair as a Canadian tuxedo (all denim baby!) and spiced up the grey joggers by rolling them up with heels and a contrasting neutral sweater. They’re both casual looks that I sport to the office (the joy of working in advertising and not having to wear a suit or power-dress) and it lets me focus on my work instead of fiddling uncomfortably in my chair.

DSC_4242_2    DSC_4491

In truth though, there’s no specific way to wear your favourite pair of denim. That’s the beauty of it though – they’re yours to wear as you please. With a dirty white-T, a pretty blouse, a crop top, or nothing else at all, the right pair of denim makes you look and feel amazing.

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What’s your favourite pair of denim? Are you devoted to denim like I am?

  • Alice

    I think in today’s fast fashion landscape, the fact that clothing is still largely handmade gets overlooked! I loved reading about the background of Fidelity Denim, I also love a good small business fashion start up; get ’em while they still have the freedom to be creative!! Love your styling as always!

    xo, Alice || Alice + TYPENU