Flying High For The World’s Largest Paint Swatch

(Prologue Announcement)

Dave and I embarked on quite the big life milestone recently… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! If you’re following along on Instagram, you probably already know that because it’s basically all I can talk about. Suddenly my love for fashion and style has been split in 2 and shared with things like home interior pinning, paint swatching, furniture researching, and the alike. 

We move into our new place on June 27, which is a good couple months away; but all my house-owning friends have promptly corrected me that the work starts now! Planning. So here I am planning away for a house I’ve looked at twice. Worries aside though, I am ecstatic. 

I’m a proud Canadian. I talk about it so much I feel like I might as well drink maple syrup from the bottle. One of the things you remember growing up as a young Canadian are the trips to Canadian Tire with your family. It was the store with everything and anything you needed – from Christmas lights to backyard bbq’s, Canadian Tire has been a part of my childhood. 

And now I think it’s going to be a big part of my adulthood too. 

I was recently introduced to Canadian Tire’s Premier Paint collection, a truly Canadian made (its factory is in Quebec), no-fuss (it’s a primer + paint combo) product. I’ve never thought about paint before, but as a new home buyer, I’m on high alert to this kind of stuff. I also found out that it adheres to new and previously painted surfaces, is stain-resistant, and is easy to wash. It also has no VOC and has a total of 1008 colours in their collection (1008 is not a typo).


To celebrate their Premier Paint collection, they created this activation that I had the amazing pleasure of seeing in all its grandeur (from the sky).  They created the World’s Largest Paint Swatch that’s a grand total of 35,000 square feet. And we got to see it from a helicopter!

The event was a ton of fun – between not getting blown away from the winds of helicopter to sharing laughs with friends The Lust Listt  and This Wild Heart.

My first ride in a helicopter was recent, but I almost felt like a veteran. While we were up in the sky, admiring this beast of a paint swatch, we also got to consult with celebrity designer Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan about what we might want to paint.


And YES! That means I have a special paint DIY project coming your way. It’ll be for the new house so you’ll get a sneak peek into the type of aesthetic I’m going for in there. Can you guess what I’ll be painting (hint: I’ve been pinning it for literally the past month)


Without giving away too much, the project will be multi-toned and include multiple paint colours I chose from the Premier Paint collection:

Polar Bear PR16Y24 // Grey Wolf PR16S09 // Pure Black PR16X08

It’ll be an easy DIY that any DIY-noob (like myself) can take on without stress. I can’t wait to show you guys the entire process! Stay tuned! 

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