Provence In Canada: Prince Edward County With Le Petit Marseillais

This month has been a whirlwind of a couple weeks friends! But truthfully, looking back at it, as much as it was hectic, it was SO. MUCH. FUN. There are times when I try to sit back and think about just how lucky I am to go on these adventures and capture them to share with you. These past couple of weeks have definitely been a lot of this sentiment. 

First things first…

For those of you who might be new to the world of blogging/bloggers, sometimes brands will take us on what’s called a “press trip” (you’ve seen a couple of blog recaps of these trips on here, but I don’t think I’ve ever explained it). It normally involves a ton of fun activities that coincide with the brand’s products, its heritage, or perhaps something about themselves that they want highlighted. I love going on these trips because I feel like I’m really able to immerse myself with the product, learn about it, and share what I think is important with all of you. Through Instagram Stories, my Instagram posts, and these blog posts, I hope to make you feel like you were right there with us experiencing everything and getting to know something new too!


Now that that’s out of the way… 




I had the amazing opportunity to go to Prince Edward County with Le Petit Marseillais this past week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, it’s totally understandable! Le Petit Marseillais is actually pretty new to Canada. They’re HUGE in Europe, and especially in France, but they only launched here in Canada in the last year or so. I remember hearing so much about the brand when my parents used to go to Europe and stock up on them to bring back to Canada. The brand comes straight from Provence, France, and their line of body washes, lotions, and products are so reminiscent of that effortless French culture we all know and love. 
Prince Edward County was the perfect backdrop to learn more about the products and what Le Petit Marseillais is all about. It’s basically the Canadian version of the French countryside and its activities were so perfect to capture that “joie de vivre” (joy of life in French) essence that Le Petit Marseillais is pioneered on. I personally love the story behind the brand – it began with their founder walking through a beautiful outdoor market and falling in love with the French region of Marseille’s beautiful artisan soaps made with their local olive oil. And this trip truly felt like being right there with him, falling in love with our surroundings…








The June Motel…

could not have been a more fitting spot for a girl’s trip to discover all things beautiful. A motel that is now coveted to visit by all of the Greater Toronto area, its aesthetic could not serve as a better backdrop for discovering beauty.














Meals inspired by the French countryside…

inclusive of French chefs, the freshest ingredients, and tastes reflective of the light and joyous scent of Le Petit Marseillais products, transported us right into the sentiment of joie de vivre. 




















Activities that embodied “joie de vivre”…

automatically made me feel like a kid again and added this light airiness to my step that, in retrospect, is so reflective of the products and their scent. From a sailboat, to visiting alpacas, to lying in a lavender field… it truly felt the joy. 










What’s special about Le Petit Marseillais Products?

Found at a price point that almost makes you feel like you’re stealing ($7.99 CAD for a large bottle of bodywash), the Le Petit Marseillais products truly make that “French culture” and joie de vivre accessible for everyone. I had tried the lavender body wash before, but had the opportunity to try all of their scents while on the trip. I fell in love with the Orange Blossom scent; but what I love so much about them is that it has such a light, airy, refreshing vibe (instead of an overpowering, over scented, plastic-y smell). Y’know what I’m talking about right? 






I’ve learned that the brand really prides itself on what they put into their products and what goes into creating those light, airy, non-headache-y scents I’ve become obsessed with. You can learn more about what they put into their products here. 










The trip was such a treat, not only to have fun with some of my favourite gal pals, but to really learn more about the brand, its products, and what they are (rightfully) proud of. I love learning the message behind brands, their products, and what they stand for. It almost makes me that much more proud to pick up something off a shelf when I love the inspiring message that goes along with a product I love. 

Here’s to living that joie de vivre philosophy and enjoying the effortlessly beautiful, little things in life… in and out of the shower. 


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Have you heard of Le Petit Marseillais products? Do you like them?

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