Unboxing: Reebonz Designer Bag Sale

There’s truly no better feeling than picking up a luxury item that you’ve had your eye on for a while… AND find out when you get there that it’s on sale. What’s even better is when you don’t have to leave your home to do just that. And when it comes to living in Canada and the VERY limited selection of luxury goods that we have in stores… well, you almost have to head online. 

Enter Reebonz. I had heard of Reebonz before in the past. They’re an online boutique that sells all your fashion heart can dream off. They carry all my favourite brands – YSL, Gucci, Celine, Fendi… you name it. They also carry a mix of both brand new as well as pre-owned goods, which is amazing if you’re after that classic on a bargain.

I never used to buy my designer pieces online, in fear of it being damaged or not authentic, etc., but now I’ve realized it’s really just my paranoia. It’s incredible!

Companies like Reebonz truly make luxury shopping accessible. No more feeling of awkwardness walking into a designer store because you want to browse, and no more waiting on waiting lists just to spend $3000 on a purse. Remember that scene in Pretty Woman? It’s an old movie for a reason. Reebonz and the alike have definitely democratized the luxury shopping world.  

And you literally get the full luxury experience with a boutique like Reebonz. Everything from the way they ship (no dents or scratches on the packaging), to the type of box they use to ship you your product (a gorgeous matte black hard box – which I now use for storing things), to the perfectly hand wrapped ribbon on the box. It’s magical and so well thought out… it felt like it was my birthday.

They also have a mobile app, just in case you wanted to spend time browsing on the train (basically what I do everyday. It’s my version of “day dreaming” haha)

This month Reebonz is also celebrating their 8th anniversary. And I am so excited to be celebrating it with them… p.s. you’re invited! 

For the entire month they’ve done insane mark downs… and when I say insane, I mean never-heard-of before mark downs! Designer items are literally up to 70% off. I picked up this Proenza Schouler PS11 Mini for 59% off (I’ve never seen a price like this before on a classic designer bag). 

See the full unboxing below in my video below!



Use code: 18MEL 

For 18% off your entire purchase until March 31, 2017 (11:59 PST)

Go to: http://go.reebonz.com/melhwang

For an automatic $30CAD on your first order


Everyone wins (ps. this isn’t an affiliate deal of anything, just a really sweet hook up on some really great deals)! And if you’ve seen my other posts about my designer purses, you’ll also know that every designer purse means something to me – it typically marks a milestones or is a reminder of something special. 


For me, this purse was one I had an eye on for a while. I never bought it because I thought it was too adventurous and that it wasn’t worth the full price. Thanks to the sweet Reebonz deal, I took the leap of faith (and I’ve been using it almost every day since, so I guess the leap paid off)! It also pulls on my heart strings because I realized that the reason why I had a tough time buying it was because of the value of money that my family instilled in me from a young age. They came to Canada with nothing so that I could have a good life. So each and every one of my purchases, but especially this one, will remind me of the hard work that goes into making a life you want for yourself.

So never give up on the things you love and want in life. You deserve every last piece of your dream! And if the dream gets a bit expensive, well, that’s when you lean on amazing sales like Reebonz’s for! Happy shopping friends emoji

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