REVIEW: GNC Beyond Raw LIT Pre-Workout

Working out has become something that Dave and I not only hold each accountable to doing, it’s something we actually enjoy doing together. When we hit the gym, typically we do our own thing – Dave focusses more on weights (and maxing out on his lifts), and I work on a combination of ground work and lighter weights (with higher reps). But the lead up to the gym remains the same for both of us – we get up, make sure we lift the other person out of bed (especially on those days one of us doesn’t want to go), and get ready to leave the house together. 

Since we’ve become more and more invested in our workout routine, the lead up to the workout has almost become just as important as going to the gym altogether. Dave and I always make a coffee in the morning, but on the days we’re hitting the gym first thing in the morning, we opt for a pre-workout instead. 

Pre-workout has actually been a new addition to my workout routine. I never used to believe in it. Dave’s been using it for years. After he finally got me to try it though, I definitely did notice a difference in my workouts – I had more endurance, was less sluggish heading to the gym, and definitely felt stronger. The only downside I found to using pre-workouts was 1) the jitters (some pre-workouts gave me more tingles that weren’t exactly comfortable), and 2) the taste (most of them just tasted like non-bubbly soda with a horrible after taste). 

I was never really consistent with taking a pre-workout as a result

But when the opportunity came up to try out GNC’s new pre-workout called Beyond Raw “LIT”, I definitely wanted to give it a try (mostly because of the addition of a “Gummy Worm” flavour). Dave and I purchase tons of our vitamins and supplements from GNC, so we figured if it was something the brand itself created, it was worth testing out. 








What is GNC Beyond Raw Lit Pre-Workout? 

If you’re new to pre-workout, no worries – I gotchu girl.  Basically, pre-workouts are a concentrated combination of clinically studied ingredients that normally come in a powdered form (which you mix in with water), and that you drink before your workout. It’s designed to help support your workout with more energy, more alertness, and ingredients that help your body truly maximize the results you’re working towards in your workouts. 

You can read more about what’s inside the GNC Beyond Raw Lit Pre-Workout here.











REVIEW: GNC Beyond Raw Lit Pre-Workout

Overall, this is probably the best pre-workout I’ve taken. I personally didn’t get any jitters or tingles using this product and I found that it didn’t jus help me feel stronger in my workouts, but that it helped me actually extend the length of my workouts. After 30-45 minutes, I would typically get muscle fatigue; but after drinking this before my workout, I easily lated 60 min and still felt strong after leaving my workout. 


Some of the things I noticed were that about 15 minutes after drinking it, I definitely felt a surge of energy (which is perfect since our gym is about 15 minutes away from our house). I also noticed that beyond feeling stronger, my brain felt much more alert. I feel less groggy (which is super important since Dave loves working out first thing in the morning). Something that Dave noticed as well was his “pump” and ability to max out at higher weights. I’m not too worried about my muscles feeling “pumped”, but the fact that Dave also loved the GNC Beyond Raw Lit Pre-Workout is definitely a pro. It’s so much easier to buy one product than having a million different ones at home for him and myself. 


The flavours beyond the Gummy Worm flavour also include Icy Fireworks (tastes like a popsicle), Strawberry Lemonade, and Orange Mango. You can check out all of the flavours here as well.  I had the chance to try a bunch of the flavours and can honestly say that this is one pre-workout that I actually don’t mind drinking (because LBH, it’s hard to consistently take something you don’t like consuming). 

Overall, this product definitely gets an A in our books. It’s easily become our new go-to pre-workout. Between the results and the flavour, this product is definitely one I would recommend trying. At the end of the day, all of our bodies are different and respond to products differently, but from all of the other pre-workouts I’ve tried in the past, this one is definitely at the top of my list. 

Here’s to feeling stronger, more alert, and more ready to get lit, in and out of the gym!

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*** This post was made in generous partnership with GNC Canada. All thoughts and opinions are exclusively my own.