Ripped Jeans and Graphic Tees

Ripped Jeans

If you think about it, ripped jeans are such a weird fashion anomaly. I mean, the whole reason why we wear clothes or buy new clothes are so that we’re warm, covered, and look presentable right? Well that’s the beauty of fashion and style. Sometimes it really doesn’t make any sense. I think (I know it’s so incredibly cliché) that it’s so representative of life. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, but it works and it’s beautiful.

This look was all about being relaxed and fun – as I think life should be! If someone told me that a white t-shirt with a bulldog drawing and ripped jeans would be a favourite go-to look of mine… well, I would tell them to get out (I used to ONLY believe in wearing form fitting dresses and blazers). But sometimes your style changes, just like life changes and it’s for the better!

ripped jeans

DUSTER COAT (Vero Moda, $50). PRINTED T (, LovelyPepa Collection, $30). RIPPED JEANS (Zara, $20, Sale). BELT (Ebay, $2).

The printed t-shirt thing has really come full force and I couldn’t be happier. Any excuse to be comfortable and cute at the same time has got me by the tail. This printed T with this cutie pie sketched on is actually from a collab with Eluxe and LovelyPepa. Anything I can do to help fellow bloggers make some moula and I’m there! It’s tough being an online entrepreneur. I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of money in it. I work in online advertising, so I know there is – but it’s still tough. And it’s definitely not at easy as everyone thinks it is to just put yourself out there.

ripped jeans

The ripped jeans were a score at – of course – the bi-annual Zara sale. They were only $20 (which made me feel better about buying jeans that basically look worn to shreds haha)! The duster coat was a piece I picked up from Hudson’s Bay, by Vero Moda and it just adds a bit more oomph to the look! Not to mention, pastels in blizzard-like Canadian cold tends to brighten up my day a bit.

ripped jeans

PUMPS (Asos, $40).

Every gal needs a great black pump and I’m all for investment pieces (yeah, you know I’m hinting at those Loubs you’ve been thinking about) – but these defo didn’t break the bank. I picked them up from Asos – which is surprising if you know me, as I normally like the instant satisfaction of buying something and taking them home with me right away. I will say that ASOS shoes are amazingly comfy, so I have quite a number of their heels. I felt like these just paired perfectly and picked up the super relaxed ripped jeans look a bit (I was wearing this in the office, after all). 

ripped jeans

Whether you’re a supporter or still skeptical of style trends that don’t make sense (like ripped jeans)… I believe that if you have fun with your looks and find some happiness in it, you’re on point! Style is made to break rules, follow rules, and be whatever the hell you want it to be!

What are your thoughts about ripped jeans and graphic Ts? Are they played out?

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