4 Things To Check Out At The Rogers Cup (ft. National Bank)

Summer in Toronto is always such an exciting season. Since we only get warmth for a few months out of the year, we take advantage of it! One of things that summers in Toronto comes with is the Rogers Cup – basically the Wimbledon of Canada. I grew up watching my dad play tennis and a ton of racket sports, so I’ve always loved watching Rogers Cup matches. The players are just a little bit better than my dad… just a little bit haha

Last year, I had the opportunity to go to the Rogers Cup and get a backstage view into what it’s like to be one of the players, thanks to one of the Rogers Cup name sponsors, National Bank of Canada. It was such an awesome experience to get a behind the scenes look, not only at the wicked National Bank booth, but also behind the scenes of the grounds. 


This year, I got the same amazing opportunity to experience the Rogers Cup with National Bank and I got to say, their booth and the Rogers Cup is as awesome as ever. 

Here are the top things to check out if you’re headed to the Rogers Cup: 



Obviously the main thing you head up to the Rogers Cup to do. You truly feel like you’ve transported to Wimbledon. Such an amazing experience. Dave and I got to watch a match and it was epic. We had awesome seats, but basically anywhere you sit in the stands is a good time. 



This is hands down the best place to chill and relax at the Rogers Cup. Perfectly set up, you feel like you’ve escaped to one of the city’s cutest patios. It’s right in front of the large screen projector too, in case you’re looking to find a good spot to watch the match. Not to mention, it makes for awesome Instagram photos haha If you’re at the Rogers Cup, you definitely need to check out the booth. 




Just below the booth are swings where you can take a load off and be a kid again, and there’s also a setup for National Bank’s On the Ball initiative where you can donate old tennis balls. From the contributions, they place these used tennis balls at the bottom of chair legs across schools in Ontario and Quebec to increase student concentration. I love this idea of giving back.




The National Bank Neurotennis set up at their booth is probably the coolest thing Dave and I got to experience while we were there. I had never heard of Neurotennis before, but it’s wicked. Basically the head strap measures your brave waves and signals and it controls the ball in the centre of the table. The calmer your mind, the further the ball moves away from you. When it reaches the other side of your opponent, you win. I love the concept of calming your mind… something pro tennis players must be talented at. Admittedly, Dave won in our match. I clearly need to work on my brain calming moves. 




If you’re one of those lucky ones to get an exclusive invite into the National Bank suite, definitely take advantage of it. If not, here’s a little teaser and behind the scenes look at the gorgeous set up. Everything from the charging stations, to the catering, to the umbrellas is immaculately designed to offer the perfect National Bank Rogers Cup experience. 



Needless to say, Dave and I had a fantastic time at the Rogers Cup yet again. Thank you so much to National Bank for hosting us so graciously and giving us that inside peak into one of Canada’s pride and joys. We are so proud to be Canadian, and the Rogers Cup is totally a Canadian jewel. 

Make sure to check out the National Bank booth if you happen to be there! They’ll treat you like royalty and it’s a fantastic escape from the hustle and bustle of the matches. 

And if you’re looking for that super experience, I also have an AMAZING National Bank Rogers Cup giveaway happening on Instagram (it includes a full weekend experience, including a night stay at the Hilton Toronto). If you catch this blog post in time, you might still have a chance to win! Check it out here. 

Happy tennis watching friends! And if not, I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful season, wherever you are enjoying it!

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