Saks Off Fifth Chooses Pickering For Its New Store

Growing up in the suburbs (like most kids), the first thing you want to do is escape and run to the city. I am indeed one of those kids. I grew up in Unionville, Markham my whole life. And although I took the first chance I could to escape to the city, there’s one thing I’ve held true about my home in the GTA suburbs… the shopping is better. Now before you go on and on about how “everything’s in the city”… hear me out. 

The city is jam packed with people… people who all go shopping. And sure, the downtown locations get great merchandise, but if you sleep in on the weekends, heading to any mall is a nightmare. That’s not the case in the suburbs… and trust me, it’s worth the trek. Think less line ups, no fighting over selections, and better deals.

I also have incredibly fond memories waking up, having breakfast, and getting ready to head to the mall with my mom. It’s where we spent our weekends and it’s where she introduced me to our mutual love for fashion. The malls north of Toronto is where my shopping heart lies. 

Retailers are starting to realize this too! BECAUSE GUESS WHAT?!

Pickering Town Centre just got its very own Saks Off Fifth

Pickering Town Centre actually has a ton of incredible stores, so it’s a such a great fit as the new home for the new Saks Off Fifth. Saks Off Fifth only entered into the Canadian market one year ago, but let me tell you how incredibly grateful I am that they did. I used to trek across the border all the time just to snag my Saks Off Fifth deals. And now it’s literally a quick drive away. The deals I’ve scored at Off Fifth locations are crazy – $300 Stuart Weitzman boots, a Burberry watch for $100, Prada glasses for $99… my list goes on and on. 

What I picked up?

When Pickering Town Centre announced their grand opening, naturally I had to get my hands on the selection first. I ended up picking up a pair of classic white Sam Edelman sneakers for a scoring deal of $80.

The benefits of shopping out of the city?

What made it even better was the amount of space there was to shop. One of the biggest things I hate is shopping in tight spaces. Something my mom taught me was that it wasn’t just what you buy from a day of shopping, it was about how your day was spent shopping. And for me, some of my favourite memories are shopping… not necessarily just about buying things, but the entire experience of it. 

And there’s definitely no trouble with space at Pickering Town Centre. There was also minimal traffic getting there and tons of parking (something that most malls can’t boast). Pickering Town Centre might just be my new go-to shopping destination.

There’s also a very cute lounge!

When you head their this weekend for a shopping fix, make sure you stop by the lounge! It’s open from today to Sunday and will have a live DJ, treats, and prizes. It’s also majorly Instagrammable and totally gives you that 360 shopping experience. 

The Saks Off Fifth store just opened to the public today, so you’ve got tons of time to head over to Pickering and cop those deals!  Here are all the details you need to know about the opening: where to head, when to get there (aka ASAP), all the departments, and a full inside scope of the store before you head in. 


1355 Kingston Road 
Pickering, ON, L1V 1B8


Doors open at 10AM
Monday – Friday: 10AM – 9PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM – 6PM
Sunday: 11AM – 6PM

Grab your loved ones – your best friend, your mom, your significant other… and enjoy a weekend shopping date! I know I’ll definitely be back.


I’d love to hear about your Saks Off Fifth scores! Let me know in the comments below what deals you’re super proud of. 

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