Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Your New Best Friend At Home & On The Go

Sometimes I think to myself, what would I do without my tech? Having blogged for over a decade now (gee, that dates me doesn’t it? haha), this beautiful thing we call technology has given me so much. It goes everywhere with us and it’s liberated us from cubicles, from paper, and has made the world so much more open and connected. And with that, I was so excited to welcome a new piece of tech into my life: 

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

I had had my eye on picking up a tablet for so long, and somehow never bit the bullet to pick one up. When the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 landed on my desk, I knew it was going to be love at first tap. I’ve been traveling a ton these past couple of months and was so excited to put it to the test and really share it’s true value with all of you:

Why The Galaxy Tab S4?

I knew a tablet was the missing piece in my tech roster. I’m lucky to say that my job of blogging is a portable one (as is most of life these days – hello fellow entrepreneurs, shop owners, and grandparents – even my grandparents want a tablet). For a while, I held off, but every time I had a meeting and needed to lug my unnecessarily large laptop with me, I itched to get my hands on one. Here are the benefits I see in it and what I really looked for:

  • I wanted something more portable that wouldn’t weigh down my purse (I know it sounds ridiculous but when you’re running around the city/even just doing errands, size and portability is mucho importante)
  • I wanted something that didn’t sacrifice power or speed
  • Touch screen is amazing, but I wanted the ability to also type on a keyboard if I needed to
  • I wanted something that would make presenting my concepts easy, efficient, and viewer friendly
  • I really wanted something I could also write on – I know it sounds ironic, but the feeling of brainstorming while doodling is so important for creativity. It also makes signing documents for work, so much easier on the go
  • I wanted something with battery life and wouldn’t require me to plugged into an outlet all day just to use it
  • I wanted something that was also for entertainment (binge watching Netflix on a 12 hour flight – hello!)

My prayers for all of the above were answered by the Galaxy Tab S4. TBH, I was skeptical that each and every one of my checkboxes would be filled by one singular piece of tech, but boy did it exceed my expectations. I put it to the test during my trip to Paris, and here’s why it’s my new best friend and the perfect at home and on-the-go companion:









When it comes to efficiently sending out emails on the go or drafting up a last minute blog post, a good keyboard goes a long way. I love how I’m able to perch myself in an inspiring spot, no matter where it is, and blog away wherever I am. I have the Samsung Book Cover Keyboard and I love that it doubles as a protective case for the tablet too. It’s also a full keyboard for such a compact size.

It also automatically detects when it’s docked and connected to the keyboard… and I’m beginning to think it’s smarter than me. 













Not only is the keyboard efficient, but the actual operating system is one of the only I’ve seen that fully toggles between a desktop-like experience and a tablet. It’s called DeX Mode and gives you the option to fully enter a desktop-like environment. You can even connect it to a monitor with an HDMI adaptor and use a mouse with it, while still accessing all your tablet apps. 

Talk about a hybrid.















By far one of my favourite aspects of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4.  The S Pen comes with the tablet, is super light, and its sensor really does act just like a pen. The ability to draw out my ideas, plan out content, take notes with one hand, and truly write out my ideas is so liberating. I was also so surprised at how precise it is (it has a calligraphy pen feature!) and the fact that its Air Command tools help with translation and unit conversion. Mind. Blown.

Good bye ratty notebooks. You’ve been upgraded.













I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but I literally used to carry out a portable speaker with me to amplify my other tech when I traveled. Whether it’s creating a dance party in the hotel room to get ready to or wanting to feel like I’m IN my Netflix movies, sometimes you just need that sound quality, yknow?

The Galaxy Tab S4 is equipped with true-to-life sound because of its quad-rotational Dolby speakers that really create that entertainment experience- you truly feel like you’re surrounded by deep, rich sound. 














Without a doubt, probably the most important aspect of any tech product – its battery life. The whole point of portability is that you’re not connect by a wire into an outlet right (or a portable battery charger for that matter)?

The Galaxy Tab S4 literally lasted me a whole 12 hour flight (with non-stop Netflix binge watching) without even running out once. It boasts up to a 16 hour video playback time and fully charges in a mere 200 minutes.In-freaking-credible! 














Besides being pretty much the most efficient piece of technology in my roster, I feel like the Galaxy Tab S4 also has some fun features that I love. Its camera takes gorgeous photos, for example – which makes for quick blog posts (capturing and uploading direct from tablet) super efficient.










Needless to say, I’m officially a fan of the Galaxy Tab S4. Everything about it made it the perfect travel companion (TBH, I didn’t take out my laptop once during my trip). Of course, there are some considerations if you’re running heavy programs like Adobe Premiere Pro or Photoshop, but for everything else, this baby’s got your back. 

Tech like this is so inspiring to me – it truly makes what used to be the impossible, possible. For me, tech like this inspires creativity, innovation, and truly makes you feel like you can do anything. 

Welcome to the permanent tech family, Galaxy Tab S4 – consider yourself officially knighted. 


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Do you have/use a tablet? Would you use the Galaxy Tab S4?


*** This post was made in generous partnership with Samsung Canada. All thoughts, opinions, and first impressions are my own. 

  • I used to have a tablet, but got out of the habit of using it much. I kinda use my phone instead, but it definitely has it’s drawbacks. You give me some great reasons to check out this one, Mel!

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    I love anything from Samsung! Thank you for the review on the S4, Mel! Now, I feel like I want to upgrade my old Samsung tablet. 😉

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    This post is great, this tablet sounds awesome! I love these photos, they are stunning! YOU look amazing, hun!

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    That sounds a great tool for on the go girls! I’m totally in-love with your blog right now! ♥

    Saw your blog and thought if you would like to follow each other? Follow me and I’ll follow back asap. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear something from you! 🙂

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    I love your blog post – very informative and I love the creativity of your post as well (layout etc.)! I recently bought the galaxy tab s4 during the black friday sales and cannot wait till it arrives, hopefully before my own trip to paris! x