Santa-Simba Photoshoot & The Simba Story

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On Simba: ONESIE (Bluenotes, $15).
On Mel: DRESS (H&M, $15). BELT (Ebay, $5). CROSSBODY (Aldo, $20). PUMPS (TopShop, $30).

I think I read a quote that said:

Those who say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, clearly never had a dog

I wouldn’t completely discredit my love for diamonds, but my pup is definitely one my closest homies in the crew (excuse the horribly lame attempt at being G). In all honesty, there are times where all I want is to punt the little fur ball – recall: day Simba decided my thongs were a play toy or when he pooped on my bed. But all that aside, he demonstrates the numero uno quality that I look for in a bestie: loyalty.

The Story Behind Simba

Simba Pomeranian

Fluff ball was an impulsive life change – as the best things are. It was a hot summer day and, naturally, I was being a classic girl – getting pissy at Dave (my boyfriend) for something pretty insignificant.

NB*: We had thought about the idea of getting a puppy for a couple years but our lives were always pretty busy. But, as always, peer influence got to us. One of our good friends got a little yorkie, Carter (who would soon become Simba’s bestie) and his unbearable cuteness made us subconsciously creep closer to the idea. 

cute dogs

Doing my best to be a passive pissy girlfriend (not my finest moment), I got Dave’s attention, and the conversation progressed to his prompt: “You want to go look at these pom-pups?” Success Mel, success. The rest happened pretty fast and we came home with the new member of our crew a couple days later.

cute dogs



cute puppies

Dave isn’t the hugest fan that Simba’s closet is probably just as big as a small infant’s, but I’m a firm believer that Simba loves the outfit changes. He got two outfits from Bluenotes’ new puppy onesie collection for the holidays and I want to say he’s addicted (I definitely am).

He’s been the best buddy for both of us through good times and bad – I know, super cheese. We look past his jerk-ness because he’s pretty a good member of the crew beyond that; and it just goes to show, no one’s perfect, not even the cutest puppies.

This isn’t the last of Simba. Watch out for his future cameos. He’s cam-ready.

Do you have a puppy-bestie? Share their story with me! 

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