Spilling My Secret Skin Must Haves

With the change of seasons also comes typical skin problems. In Canada, our drastic humid summers v.s. drying winters gives our skin and skin routine a run for its money. This summer, my skin got hit hard. I came off 100% from my Proactiv skin addiction and frantically sought to find replacements that worked. The result was a lot of acne and a lot of problem areas that totally overwhelmed me.

The result was a lot of acne and a lot of problem areas…

I never had this feeling before, but for once, I actually cried (YES, CRIED) about the state of my skin. It was a battle. And my battle wounds really reinforced how important having good skin was to how I felt on the inside. My troubled skin took a huge toll on my confidence and eventually, after the tears subsided, I was adamant on facing the battle head on.


Something I realized though, was that as I grow, so does my skin; and so the discovery and search will be a constant battle. Why didn’t anyone tell us this as kids?!

Negatives of the struggle (which is SO real) aside, I have found products that work. And they work really well. Some have been in my back pocket for a while now and others I’ve just discovered. Either way these skin must haves are 100% worth the try. And I figured, instead of hiding the fact that I totally had these problems… I would share them with you, and share which skin must-haves have been helping me along the way.


The Body Shop Tea Tree Products


I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about these skin must haves in the past… because I’m obsessed with them. This Body Shop Tea Tree Oil line has been my go-to squad when things go south on my face. I’ve always used the facial wash, but the 3-in-1 scrub is my new squeeze. Whenever I use this system (which is basically every day), I wake up with noticeably smaller pores, less redness, a mattifying effect, and all in all less problematic.


There’s also the “solution”, which, if nothing else, you want to keep in your corner. It’s a pre-serum and is made to attack those problem areas. I even use the BB Cream because damn girl, it’s actually got some serious coverage action (alongside having the benefits of tea tree oil). If you’re new to tea tree oil, you’ll want to check this out.


Scents That Make You Feel Whole Again


When I’m stressed, I find I break out more. And my stress typically just comes from a lack of relaxation. That’s where these products come in. They all have the common denominator of leveraging essential oils and aromatherapeutic scents. I put on the Aveda body lotion every day before I head to bed to calm me and rotate the Tulasara (Aveda’s new natural skincare line) Bright serum with my tea tree oil. It has similar qualities in terms of results, but I find it’s perfect when I want a bit more glow the next day (and don’t have any serious pimples to fight). It’s actually got calming action in its formula, so it does both. If you want to find a Tulasara product right for you, I suggest heading here . 

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Estee Lauder Double Wear


This Estee Lauder baby is LIFE. The backstory here is that my girlfriend has been using and swearing behind this foundation since I can remember. And she started using it when her friend recommended it. And all these recommendations happened when each of us were going through some bad skin times. I didn’t like wearing foundation when I had troubled skin because I felt like it just clogged my pores more, but…



Seriously. I really don’t know what foundation can come close to the effects of this one. It’s name is true. It doesn’t move. You can’t sweat it off. And it doesn’t cake at all. Best thing? You don’t need a lot of it. A couple drops and I’ve covered my whole face flawlessly. I’m trusting you with these trade secret that is clearly shared amongst all women. Go forth and double wear!


Bite Beauty Multisticks


I love Bite Beauty‘s perspective and approach to their products – especially the fact that everything is made here in Toronto Canada and they pride themselves on the use of organic inspiration.


What I love most is their versatility though. These Mutli-sticks are a lip balm, a lipstick, a gloss, a blush, an eyeshadow all in one little stick. And if you’re looking to achieve that monotone look that’s so hot right now, this is the beauty stick for you.


Garnier Micellar Water

And when the day is done, the most important thing I’ve found that contributes to the state of my skin is how I take my make up off. Your mom always tells you about this when you’re young… but when you get older, you really do feel the affect of NTO taking your make up off at the end of the night.

Personally, I don’t know how anyone falls asleep with make up. I find it uncomfortable. I use my Face Shop Cleansing Oil on a dry face (with freshly washed hands) to remove most of my make up (especially foundation) because it’s not as irritating to your skin.


I follow up with my favourite – Garnier Micellar Water that miraculously cleanses any extra residue while feeling LITERALLY like water. It’s also perfect for sensitive eyes and if you have eyelash extensions.

And there you have it. Those are my secret skin must haves, especially with the changing fall season. I’ve found, now that I’m a bit older in age, that your skin is the accessory that never leaves you your entire life. So investing in it is worth it! Treating your skin right is like investing in your future wink emoji

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