3 Ways Structube Is Becoming The Zara of Home Decor

I remember someone telling me “when you really become an adult, you start cheating on designer fashion with furniture”. And honestly, this statement is damn true. I almost totally forgot about September fashion issues because I’ve been glued to looking for furniture for our house. Some days I spend more time on furniture sites and Pinterest than I do on Instagram…. it’s a lot. I mean, with a living room, dining room, kitchen and 5 bedrooms to fill… I have a lot of furniture shopping ahead of me haha


When you really become an adult, you start cheating on designer fashion with furniture…



Structube is one of those sites I’m on basically every day. They are truly my mecca for modern furniture shopping. They have stores littered throughout the city, but with inspiration boards on their site, I find myself pinning and looking at Structube for a lot of my day. Probably more than I’d like to admit haha

I first discovered Structube a couple years ago when my girlfriend was moving into her new apartment. Canadian, modern, a minimalistic household name, and extremely affordable, the brand caught my attention. 

Now having my own home to style, they’ve become a huge go-to for my furniture shopping. When it comes to designing a cute house on a budget, there aren’t really a lot options TBH. There’s Ikea, but honestly, even Ikea is getting a little pricey… and arguably, some of the quality isn’t exactly what it used to be. 

On a beautifully sunny morning, Dave and I ventured down the street (bless up for downtown living) and checked out the “Structube Loft”. It’s their pop up showroom concept unveiling some of their new fall pieces. We got the chance to chat with some of the team from Structube and it sounds like my obsession with Structube is about to get a lot crazier. 

They made this amazing metaphor – that their mission was:


To do to the furniture industry as Zara did to the fashion industry… to democratize it. 



When they said this, it totally resonated with me. It also made sense. There’s 3 major ways I see Structube doing this (and Zara did just this). They’re effectively bringing stylish furniture to the masses… 

Affordability of Structube

Sofa beds from $250-$1899, chairs from $6-$1849, beautiful desks from $80-$1000, there’s literally something for everyone and something for every price range. I bought my office desk for $200 and have my eye on a $500 wooden dining table. Normally these 2 things would run me up into the thousands.

Something the team mentioned is that their goal is to get their prices even cheaper for customers. But how, I wondered? by cutting corners on quality?


Structube    Structube

Quality of Structube Pieces

When I posed this question to the team, they quickly corrected me. Quality is a big deal to them. And they don’t compromise on it. Instead, they’re slashing their own margins. It’s smart business honestly. By making it more accessible to more people, you do more volume, and this makes thinner margins make more sense. 

Their mission is literally to bring quality furniture to the world… not such a part of it. Sound like any other retailer you know?


Structube    Structube

On Trend

The buyers at Structube are literally on point with all of the must-have trends. Sure, they’re not reinventing the wheel, but they’re making beautiful pieces that people are looking. At least, I know I am. For the fall season, they’re ditching their super minimalistic vibe and entering into some new territories. They’ve got a lot of new textures like velvet, distressed leather, raw edge wood, and rich bold colours. All of this while maintaining a truly modern aesthetic. THIS IS LITERALLY MY GOAL FOR MY HOME. 

By the end of the preview, I knew there were at least 7 pieces I had to have. And as we finish up the structural work on my home… God knows I’ll be on Structube even more. Is that possible? haha


Structube    Structube    Structube


Structube Structube





Beyond all the aesthetics though, I love the philosophy that drives their mission. Not only is it giving me a break on my wallet haha but I think it makes beautiful living so much more accessible to everyone. And honestly, everyone deserves to live in a home with pieces they love (pieces you don’t need to take out of your line of credit for). Designer furniture is still beautiful and I admire the craft, but the truth is that it’s out of reach for so many people. And not having to compromise on beautiful designs, while paying extremely reasonable prices, is always a plus in my book. They’re making the prices as low as possible for beautiful designs. 

I can’t wait to start really going ham on furniture shopping. And between being Canadian and their mission to democratize furniture, I know Structube will be a big part of my new home. At the end of the day, your home is yours, and it’s a beautiful canvas for you to design and create yourself. It’s like an outfit. It’s a reflection and expression of you. 

Here’s to building our best lives and creating homes we love!



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  • Gabrielle

    This has to be one of THE most inspiring home decor posts I’ve ever read, I literally want to shop for one million and one structured pieces right now. Also, that sheepskin stool is killing me; I saw one the other day and now regret not picking it up. Perfect!

    aglassofice.com x

    • Mel

      Ah! Thank you so much Gabrielle. I’m so glad you like it. Honestly I love Structube’s pieces. They’re so on trend but such high quality. I’ve coveting the furry stool too! Happy home decoring! And thank you so much for stopping by 🙂

  • Loved this post as it is super inspiring. Love all the pieces & photos <3


    • Mel

      Aw thank you so much girl! The pieces are stunning aren’t they?! So many of them are on my wish list right now. So glad you found it inspiring!

  • These are some really lovely pieces! I love the candle holders, would love to have a two or three as well for my center table! Thanks for sharing these ideas dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Mel

      Thank you SO much Jess. In absolute love with your content. And yes – I’m totally coveting those candle holders too. They would look so good on a center table. Thanks for dropping by beautiful!