Can You Spot The 5 Summer Trends?

Summer time always gets me so excited to buy a whole new wardrobe. I know, it’s probably not the most economic (especially when I’m trying to save up for house)… but it’s just so god damn fun. Something about the warm weather makes me so much more adventurous with my style. It’s probably the idea that I don’t have to hide it all under a parka (which is how I feel about fall/winter trends).


I try and find a good balance between spending all my money on new clothes and being able to save a bit of pocket change. I like to list out all the summer trends I want to try and give myself a purpose when I’m shopping. I find that I spend less money on useless knick knacks and actually focus on what I wanted to invest in (if you can call a $20 top an investment haha… I do). Sometimes I even give myself the challenge to put together ONE and only ONE outfit from a shopping trip. That way I know I’ve found pieces that look great together. I’ve come home way too many times finding myself with heaps of purchases that I have nothing to pair with.


That’s exactly the goal I gave myself for this outfit. I wanted to put something together that incorporated a bunch of new style trends I wanted to try. Can you spot which summer trends I gave a go at? Don’t answer that, I’m going to tell you anyways emoji


1 - Metallic Aviators

Because I Want To Feel Glossy

These shades were totally an impulse buy – but one I had set my eyes on for a while. You know all know the infamous Dior version of these, but there was no way I was going to drop $400 on this trend. These beauties from Le Chateau didn’t break the bank and they’ve actually got a couple cool features that the Dior ones don’t. I love the clear frame detail – it’s like the lenses are floating on my face. They’re definitely a statement piece… and for less than the tax on a pair of $400 would’ve cost me. They cost a whole…




*DSC_9735_sq    *DSC_9747_sq

2 - Off Shoulder Tops

Because The 90s Are Back Baby

Do you mid-millennials remember how hot spaghetti straps and off the shoulder tops were back in our day? They’re baaaaaaaack emoji and in full force at the top of the summer trends list. I can’t turn the corner without seeing my favourite bloggers and IGers sporting the off-the-shoulder top. I might’ve broken my rule a little bit and purchased more than one off the shoulder top, but this “faux-layered” one from Zara was my favourite. I loved how it wasn’t too ruffly. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m not really a  “ruffle-inclined” chica. It also doesn’t rise up and look like a baby bib when you raise your arms emoji clap emoji  The best part though, it was a special and cost a pretty penny of…




3 - New Age Capris

Another Childhood Throwback

What is with all the resurfacing 90s summer trends?! I freaking love it! I remember my capris being my favourite thing to wear in the spring, when I was still in school. This is before kids cared about shaving their legs (because y’all know my mama didn’t give me a razor until I decided to try it out for myself). Anyhow, these definitely aren’t like anything I wore in elementary school, but they’re so comfortable. And something about the wind against my ankles makes me feel all giddy inside emoji I picked this grey pair up from the Nordstrom Warehouse Sale in March for a whopping…




4 - Bolero Necklaces

Tie Me Up Cowboy

We’ve all loved the layered necklace look for a while now, but sometimes I’m lazy and can’t untangle my separate pieces. This Bolero necklace, also from Le Chateau, answers all my brands. You clip in on and adjust as you go. It’s also a crisp white necklace, which you don’t see too often. Plus, if you don’t like it the next season, you’re only out about…



*DSC_9753   *DSC_9731

5 - The Mule Slide

Best Cross Breed Ever

This has got to my favourite of the summer trends line up. Why? I love slides. Mules are comfy. I’m not a mathematician, but these combo sounds like FIYAH, and it definitely is. These have got to be my most comfortable sandals right now and their kitten heel is still pretty damn sexy. This open to mule is also from Le Chateau. I’m a shoe ambassador for them, but I have to admit I never expected their “luxe shoe line” (which is designed and some made in Italy) to be this damn good.

Again, it also totally reminds me of those Spice Girl era heels (less the shiny tackiness). Perhaps more of an Ally McBeal vibe. Mules and slides are both summer trends I already own, but their combo makes it a new trend, right? Agreed. Plus, I saved on them and only had to shell out…




So when all was said and done, I picked up the entire head to toe outfit (literally) for a whole $165! Yeah big claps for Mel. I could spend that on less than one item sometimes. And I officially crossed of some of the biggest summer trends I wanted to try. So next time you’re out shopping, think of yourself as a stylist (just don’t take yourself THAT seriously, shopping is supposed to be fun), and make a list. Cross things off as you pick them up – you’ll be surprised how much better your purchases come out thumbs up emoji emoji

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What are your best shopping tips?