Inspired Look : Telling My Story With Style

When I style my looks, I always imagine some sort of story around it. It almost feels like I’m writing a book, creating a play with my outfits.


When I was young, I used to dream of different ways I’d grow up – who I’d be come, who I’d fall in love with, how my life would turn out. As we grow up, we realize we can’t be it all and that we have to make choices about how we want our lives to look. It’s something that took me a while to be okay with. I wanted to be everything, do it all, and like most teens growing into adulthood, you realize that there really isn’t enough time in the day.


Playing with my style has really helped me be okay with this. It’s allowed me to be who I want to be for that day, that week, or that moment in my life. There’s a certain romanticism in it all. I know it’s cheesy, but your style allows you to challenge yourself, experiment, and learn about who you want to be… and who you want to grow up to be.

CP2_8262_sq    CP2_8283_sq


I wanted this look to tell the story of a girl growing up – and in part, a lot of how I’m feeling in my growth right now. She’s got that whimsical vibe to her still. She feels like a little girl wrapped up in the lace dress her mom used to put her in for church; but she’s being forced to grow up.

Even though she still feels like that little girl, she’s working now, she’s strong, and she’s ready to take on the world.


I wanted the look to show that contrast – that transitional, and often awkward, paradox that we all go through. The lace top is a fun piece I picked up on my blogger trip to NYC, from Necessary Clothing. It was cheap ($15 on sale) and fun! The pants are a full priced maroon work pant I picked up from Zara. It speaks to the “9-5er”, training catching, woman I’ve sort of become in the last 4 years.

Both pieces represent a part of growing up – maintaining that love for life and enjoyment, while transitioning into adulthood and work life.



The Coach saddle bag is a really staple piece I’ve been putting on repeat recently. It’s not just because it’s so wearable (and neutral); but because I actually had the opportunity to personalize it to myself. I feel like it really is my MEL-bag. This is how I got the opportunity to create it with Coach.


It’s stamped with Mel and reminds me every time I wear it to remember to be me, never let anyone tell me who or what I want, and to never give up on myself.



At the end of the day, your style and life is something you have full control of. You choose to become who you become. You decide when and how to grow up. Never forget that.

Until the next story friends!

mel inspired

Do you tell a story with your style?