The Color Testing App That Could’ve Saved My Hair

Technology has seriously come a long way. Not only in the way we are attached to our mobile phones like it’s heroine or how virtual reality is a real thing – but even in beauty, technology has seriously driven us forward.

We’ve found new ways to do things, to get our hair to look a certain way, or to plump our genetically thin lips to a size XL. It could be a dangerous path to over-perfectionism, but balance is the key to everything right? I just think it’s incredible how much we can do with technology these days. There’s literally an app for everything, and it’s amazing. Life has been seriously magnified.

I find that there’s a lot of apps that talk the talk, but actually don’t work too well. So the best way to really know is to download it and test it. If it makes the cut, it stays on my home screen, if not, it gets automatically deleted.


I work in the tech space, so I have so much respect for the creatives and developers that sit behind the curtain to develop these awesome tools. So when I heard about the “Matrix Color Lounge” (color testing app), I had to look into it. It only launched February 1st, so I expected it to have lots of bugs… but it’s pretty seamless.

I thought I would pop it open and try it out a bit, but actually ended up staying on it for 2 hours. Why was I so addicted to it? If you download it, you’ll know right away. The color testing app essentially allows you to virtually try ANY hair colour you want (without the insane breakage and damage), so you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start the process. You’ll also know exactly what type of hair color is definitely NOT suitable for you haha

I know, I know, if only I had this app before my crazy hair ordeal right?! 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Download the App

color testing app

Choose whether you’re a consumer or stylist and you’re off to the races! This would totally be a handy app for a stylist to keep in their pocket, for the amount of time they get asked, “what would look good on my hair” (#thankmelater, hair stylists)


Step 2: Upload a photo and choose your type of hair color

IMG_3769 IMG_3772

I recently learned that certain colours (like the blue I currently have in my hair) aren’t permanent hair colours because the pigment doesn’t naturally live in the hair. That being said, if you want to try those vibrant purples and blues you see all up on Instagram, make sure you choose the “non-permanent section”


Step 3: Select Your Hair

IMG_3770 IMG_3771

When your photo gets uploaded, you’ll be prompted to select your hair within the photo (this will be the part that changes). I zoomed in and tried to make the selection as perfect as possible so my changes would be as accurate as possible (if you make mistakes, they have the “remove” tool which lets you unselect your mistakes). This tool was surprisingly efficient, given it’s not really a photo-editing app.


Step 4: Have fun playing with hair colours!


This is what I would look like with red hair! So cool right?! I never thought red would ever look good, but I kind of really liked this shade. Clearly I didn’t stop here…


IMG_3766 IMG_3764

And when you’re too ambitious, the app warns you (this app is more knowledgable than the stylist who fried my hair emoji #StillALittleBitter):



There are different styles you can test to, beyond just full colour – highlights, ombre, “painting”, you name it! I wanted to see how my blue hair would look like when my black roots grew out so here’s how I look with my blue ombre:



There’s a great little tab for haircare tips and products too (every app needs a monetization structure, let’s not kid ourselves now):

IMG_3779 IMG_3777


I won’t lie, I used to try and photoshop a photo of my hair before getting my hair done so I could see what it would look like first. It took forever and I would lose patience after the first photo. So this app has literally answered my prayers. It’s like getting to change up your hair color every day, as often as you’d like… without the commitment wink emoji Woot, woot, no strings attached!

I’m afraid to admit it, but this color testing app has literally got me a little bit more addicted to hair colour. I’m a sucker for cool-tech, so that doesn’t help. Either way, this is definitely an example of how technology is moving every industry into the future!

… Holographic hair changes anyone?

mel inspired

Is this hair color testing app something you would try?


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