Tips On How To Practice Self Love

Did you know that the average person puts themselves down more than they compliment themselves? I didn’t. And I couldn’t imagine why anyone would put themselves down and not lift themselves up. Then I realized, damn… I do it too. It’s easy to be more critical on ourselves than it is to be complimentary to ourselves.


If we don’t show ourselves love, how can we expect others to?


Then intention might be that we just want to continue better ourselves; but the results often become self-demoralization and all-in-all lower self esteem. I’m not saying we should all start being conceited, but self love is important…. more important than we give it credit for. And, as cliché as it is, if we don’t show ourselves love, how can we expect others to?



  1. Know your strengths: if you remind yourself what you’re good at, and focus on it, it’ll reaffirm your confidence in yourself. Confidence is a huge part of self love.
  2. Celebrate your wins: we don’t do this enough (at least, I know I don’t). When we accomplish something, it’s not conceited to celebrate it. Don’t go overboard, but give yourself time to say “DAMN, GIRL, great job”
  3. Don’t compare yourself to others: This is probably the hardest one. We’re almost groomed in society today, to have what that other person has, to achieve what they did, and even more, be better than them. This just creates self hate. Don’t do it. 
  4. Ditch negative people: The last thing you need on the path to true self love is someone bringing you down the other day. It’s more about giving yourself the self loving respect to surround yourself with uplifting people, not negative ones. 
  5. See failures as wins: because if you think about it, a failure is just a learning opportunity. An opportunity to learn what doesn’t work for you, and an opportunity that gets you that much closer to what will work for you.




This outfit, with the obligatory “Selfie” printed shirt is totally inspired by this self love philosophy. Intentionally, I’m sporting an outfit that makes me feel the most comfortable and confident in my own skin.


cp2_0612     cp2_0598


The ripped jeans are a pair of my absolute comfiest – y’know, the ones where you feel like you could sleep, run, and go to the club in? They’re from Mavi Jeans and are literally worn, embarrassingly more than I’d like to admit.

cp2_0589_sq cp2_0699


And the Chanel? Well the Chanel was a huge symbol in my life that marked what I felt was a big milestone for self love. It was way of congratulating myself and $4000 later, I don’t regret it – I carry it with pride.




The loafers I’m wearing are a new addition to the family from Geox. I love how strong and structured these loafers are. They make me feel confident without having to strut in 5 inch stilettos (although, I definitely do that too). It reminds me that confidence is what you make of it and that self love is a result of doing things and wearing things that make YOU happy. No one else.


So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re trying to accomplish, don’t forget to stop, smell the roses, then pick one up for yourself. You deserve it. And if you don’t love yourself, who will?

mel inspired

How do you show yourself self love?