Travel Diary: What Business I Had In Vegas

Traveling all the time “on business” has always been something I’ve dreamt about as a little girl. Growing up wanting to be that strong, independent boss lady that my mother groomed me to be, I was always under the assumption that seeing the world (without vacationing on your own dime) was a dream come true. You could get shit done, make that cheddar, AND see the world at the same time. I’m so thankful that, where I am in my career and life right now, I’m able to do that – experience the world as a sort of perk to my job. This upcoming year looks like quite a bit of traveling for me. Most of our clients and prospective clients are either in the US or abroad, so that means a lot more plane flights than your average person.


This past week we had the pleasure of going to none other than the City of Sin, Las Vegas. AND FINALLY, I got to wear the bikini Triangl sent me (that I got like 6 months ago and could never wear because Toronto is damn freezing, always).


We walked around the strip a lot, so no heels, shorts (because skirts are hard to prance in), and fun prints were the style game all week. If I could I would have run around with just a crop top and short-shorts on but I’m sure Dave, or my boss if he saw, would have something to say about it. Hence the mesh top!

vegas *DSC_2328 2 *DSC_2176


Travel Diary

As much as I love traveling for my job – I mean, getting to spend your off time at a beautiful pool is awesome- that fairytale of traveling has kind of disappeared. The grass is always greener on the other side right? It’s just human nature. And because I have the luxury of traveling for work now, I sometimes wish I was at home – getting off in the evening and spending the rest of my time with my loved ones and my pup.


Nevertheless, I did indeed have an amazing (although super tiring, and even more stressful) business trip to Vegas. For those who don’t know, I work as a Director within a Digital Advertising Agency and despite the hair pulling issues I sometimes I have to jump in and fix, it could really be called my dream job. We were in Vegas for a convention (NMX/NAB)… and it was a crazy one. There were a lot of issues throughout the very short 4 days of the convention, but what made it better was that I had my amazing team there with me. I’m so proud to call some of my most trusted colleagues my friends too. We have such a blast when we’re together. You may otherwise know them as Sylvia Beautycakez and Vic TheLustListt.


So what exactly did we do in Vegas? Although I defo didn’t take as many pics as Sylvia, here are some of my highlights:


I don’t even want to get into the all the ups and downs of the convention – but at least the booth, the swag (yes, that says MAKE GAINS) and the gals were on point!

vegas vegas

Hotel Sitch

We were lucky to be put up in the Encore-Wynn. I had only ever stayed in the Bellagio before, but these casino-hotels have their service pretty damn perfected. They also have a Chanel store at every corner that you turn, making for easy, and seemingly painless, purchases. I restrained and restricted myself to a pair of lavender aviators.

vegas vegas


They go hard in Vegas, don’t they? Holy crap. There were some nights we would go out with our staff, clients, etc. and not come back to the hotel till 5 am. and some people would continue the party elsewhere. We went to XS (inside the Wynn and so convenient to just roll yourself back to the hotel room) and Omnia (which was packed like a can of sardines).  It was a blast besides the fact they played EDM all night (I’m all for electronic but sometimes a girl needs some R&B/Hiphop to dance to you know. Are you with me ladies?). I also don’t drink alcohol monkey emoji so if I’m not vibing with music, it’s just not a good time.

vegas vegas


Yes. This really happened. Every 80s-90s kid girl’s dream come true… seeing Britney Spears (or Britney Bitch) on stage… live. We basically screamed and sang our lungs out; but so did the 40 year old men in the seats behind us. Britney does not discriminate. We were so close, I felt like I could reach out and give her a hug. Shaved head and craziness aside, she is still an inspiration. Plus she looks damn hot now.

vegas vegas

vegas vegas

And that was Vegas in 120 hours. A lot of work, a lot of play, and not a lot of sleep. I guess that’s what they want though right? The more hours awake, the more money you spend in Sin City. I’ll give it to Vegas that it truly is an inspiration with regards to be a money making machine! Vegas wouldn’t exactly be my destination of choice for vacation but we definitely had an amazing time. Till next time, you tempting devil!


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Have you been to Vegas? What were your highlights? Was there anything I missed? Let me know in the comments wink emoji


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