Trend To Love Forever: Styling Sweats

Styling Sweats

So long role as pajamas – we’ve moved on and up in life!
Sincerely, Your Sweat Pants

I could not be any happier to welcome my sweatpants into my weekly style regiment. Styling sweats has become a movement I’ve become increasingly passionate about. Yes. Very very passionate about. But why, you ask? I mean, they make you look frumpy, they don’t fit a woman’s form, and most of the time, look sloppy too (re: that university sweat pant that has stains and a whole lot of bad memories and mistakes attached to it wink emoji). 

Styling sweats can be a tricky task, I won’t lie. How do you make something that’s supposed to be just comfy, look chic and stylish?

Styling Sweats

VEST (Lululemon, $150). SWEATER (H&M, $15). KNITTED PANTS (Zara, $20, Sale). TOTE (Rovi Moss, $70). OXFORDS (Forever 21, $20).

I think the important thing about styling sweats is to make sure you remember that you’re doing exactly that – styling. You’ve got to put a feel to it, a tone of sorts. You’re making something go from sloppy, not to look dressy, but to look put together. A tip is to use the textures of sweats to your advantage. Try things like knitted sweats – it gives the, often bland and boring, piece some life. I paired up a vertically knit jogger pant (that I admittedly sleep in every once and a while funny monkeywith a more crochet-like knitted sweater. The vest (which happens to be a conversion of the 3-in-1 Lulu vest I wore long here) gave the outfit a bit more dimension so it didn’t look flat.

Styling Sweats

Accessories are also a huge part of the task of styling sweats. Either go bold with one statement piece to brighten up the look or go dainty and casual for an effortless look. I decided to do the latter and sported by go-to everyday silver pieces. The tote gave the neutral look a little bit more intrigue but kept with the minimalist tone (it also happens to be one of my favs because it really does hold everything in my life). 

Rovi Moss is the brand of the tote and I must say that their leather for their price is totally worth it. I scored this authentic leather tote for only $70 (although it was at HR2). I can’t explain how soft their leather – I pet it like I do my fur pieces funny monkey hehe.

Styling Sweats All considered, the effort put into styling sweats is completely worth it. Something about sitting at your desk comfy or running your errands without being in tight clothes, I feel, makes you so much more efficient… and happy for that matter! Sweats are totally my happy clothes (and us girls know that during a certain time of every month, there is nothing better than a comfy outfit). 

So be bold, be comfy, and style sweats – because you can! Bed to work in 5, no problemo!

Do you agree with styling sweats? Or do you think they should go back to college days and at-home wear?

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