Hair Products That Are Truly Worth It

Normally, I’ll be honest, I’m pretty cool with the Shoppers Drug Mart, on sale, over the counter, not-so-fancy, type of hair products. Growing up, my parents never really let me explore different hair colours and my father went so far as convincing me that if I had short hair, I’d automatically be considered a boy. So I’ve basically had the same long hair for my entire life. Because of my hair complex, I never really rebelled and changed my hair colour to purple or anything (although admittedly, I’ve been wanting to go gray). What I did instead was style it like crazy. I was like “BRING ON THE FLAT IRONS AND CURLING IRONS!” …  so much so that my hair has always had pretty fried ends.

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It wasn’t until I started blogging that I started to pay more attention to the products I was using. Did I know what a hair primer was? Or what a heat-protector was? Definitely not. After reading some other bloggers’ posts and after watching countless Youtube videos, I realized that I really wasn’t paying attention to my hair health, nor did I even know that was a thing.

Although, I’m still pretty much a minimalist when it comes to the amount of products I use, I’ve found it so much fun to try different products and see what really works for me and my hair. I’ve begun to visualize my hair like I do my plants (although this is a horrible metaphor because I can’t even keep cacti alive monkey emoji). To have its branches grow healthy and look luscious meant I had to really work on grooming it.

Although my instinct is that I’d rather spend my money on clothes than hair products, I’ve begun the learn the importance of not looking like a damaged, frizzed-out hair ball.

hair products

This would be me looking like a frizzed-out hair ball.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying so many amazing hair care products, through my blogging adventures. But as much as they’re all great and I appreciate being able to try all of them, some are just not meant for me or don’t work for my hair. These are by far my all-time favourites and hair products I would truly, full heartedly say, are worth taking money out my purse funds for.

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Kérastase Thérapiste Hair Care Team

This Kérastase trio launched just this month and, despite the fact that I’m not technically the right consumer for it (it’s made for people with over-coloured, extremely damaged hair), I’m addicted. It uses this miracle cycle that revives dead hair into silky smooth hair; and although I’m normally a huge skeptic, it does actually make a huge difference. The sérum is probably my favourite product, it’s the perfect finishing touch and doesn’t weigh down your hair like most oils/serums do! If you’ve got that purple or grey hair that I’m coveting, this is the system for you – and it’s worth every penny.

kerastase hair products

*DSC_5412 *DSC_5410 *DSC_5407

This is after using the Kérastase system once – my hair felt like silk and moved like it had a mind of its own. You know those super-model moments you get when you’re feel like for once your hair is finally cooperating with you? Yeah, that was me.

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Joico Hair Shake

Because I’ve always had super thick, and long, hair, I would often find myself looking like a triangle – super fluffy at the bottom and super flat at the top. This is counterproductive to bombshell hair, so I’m always on the hunt for a new volumizer/dry shampoo. Most of the ones I’ve tried either make my hair look like I drenched it in baby powder or just don’t work. That’s why this Joico product has climbed my ranks – it actually starts as a liquid (which you would think doesn’t work, but it does) and then turns into powder, so you’re not shaking it out of your hair (something I’m guilty of). I try and only wash my hair a couple times a week, so this is a daily user for sure!

joico hair products

I sprayed some of this stuff up in my hair the night before this photo, thinking I was going out (although my plans sadly got cancelled and I stayed in bed watching Empire instead). When I woke up, my volume was still there. I got up and my hair looked like it was still fluffy (and not slept on girl hand out emoji). Woot woot!

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Legit Hairsprays

After I switched over to using salon quality hair sprays, I was immediately attached. You don’t have to spray more than once and your hair doesn’t need to feel like a helmet for it to stay put. The Redken Control Addict is stronger, although it does go on a bit harder. It’s perfect when you’re styling a dramatic look. The Kérastase Laque Noir has the stay-quality, but doesn’t weigh your curls down when you’re trying to keep them bouncy. These two are by far two of my favourite hair products in my #hairsquad.

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Towel Drying

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily a part of the category of “luxury hair products”, but I felt like it was noteworthy. I found that keeping my hair looking voluminous, not fried, not flat, and just as perfect as possible, is towel drying (especially my roots) before blow drying it. I normally finger-comb the rest of my hair as I’m blow-drying so as to not have too much frizz. I’m featuring this hair towel from Kérastase because it’s literally BECOME my hair towel. It’s size is perfect and doesn’t make me feel like I’m using a blanket to dry my hair.

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So in sum, I’ve basically learned not to cheap out on my hair products. You actually end up using a lot less product and actually save money by buying quality hair products rather than cheaper versions that you have to cake on. Just like make-up, you don’t want to suffocate your hair with too much product.


We’re all in chase of that wispy, flowy, luscious-locks type of look – and piling on too much of any product is just going to make your hair look flat and crispy. Cliché lesson? Quality over quantity.

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I want to hear your favourite hair care products! Let me know which are your favs in the comments!


  • My hair is pretty damaged, this Kérastase range sounds good to me!
    Lovely pictures btw <3
    Nati xx

    • Mel

      Thanks Nati 🙂 You should totally try it out. My hair has literally never felt this soft!

  • Suki

    Hello, can you please tell me what is the size of that Kerastase Towel in centimeters?

    • Mel

      Hey Suki! The size is about half a meter by half a meter – hope that helps 🙂

      • Suki

        Thank you, helped a lot 😀