The Truth About Being A Minimalist Blogger

You’ve probably heard of the “Minimalist Trend” that’s been taking over the street style world… or at the very least, your Instagram feeds. You might recall, black and white photos, under-accessorizing, and last but not least, really clean lines.

And as much as I love the idea and philosophy behind minimalism in itself, and truly believed I would become a “minimalist” blogger… I found it kind of boring TBH. To only wear blacks and whites and not wear accessories I wanted because it cluttered the look, just wasn’t for me. I much more dress for the moment and found minimalist blogging to be kind of limiting. You might have seen a bit of a change in my Instagram feed because of this. 

That being said, I still love embracing the minimalist look once in a while – mostly for a comfortable look more than anything.

And most of you know, my “comfort” driven posts normally involve one of my favourite comfy brands – Bench. This time, featured in a more subtle way, you typically wouldn’t think of when you think “Bench”.


Can you spot which piece here is Bench?

It’s the pleather leggings. And if you’ve been following along with me since I was a baby blogger, you’ll know I’ve almost always been obsessed with Bench leggings. And I’m loving this trendy rendition re-envisioned as pleather, because I’m happy to report that no comfort was sacrificed for trendiness.

Naturally, they’re called the Downtown Leather Leggings. This is totally fitting because if you’re a city girl, you probably can’t turn a corner without seeing leather leggings (especially in the colder cities like Toronto). For me, it’s the easy and “minimalist” way of looking chic.

The half fabric, half pleather aspect of these bottoms are also what probably give it its crazy comfort. I move with ease in them and they’re 100% my go-to leggings this season… so much so that people at work have definitely pointed out how much I have them on rotation.

p.s. the Bench leggings are also on sale right now!

I paired the leggings with an asymmetrical top/dress I got from my friends at Ego Soleil, a new e-commerce store headquartered in NYC. If you haven’t heard me rant about them and their vision yet, you’ll have to check it out. 

For me, minimalism isn’t dead and I still love it… but for different reasons from the typical “it’s so hot on IG”. I love it because it’s the perfect sign of comfort.

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