The Truth About Love & Friendship (Ft. Thomas Sabo)


Friendship is a complicated beast. And as you grow older, you realize this reality ever more so. So long are the days when you would meet your best friend on the playground within 10 seconds of meeting each other.

I know it sounds jaded, but it’s actually tough to carve out time to maintain your relationship with friends, not to mention to make new ones. When you’ve got life whirling around you pulling you in one direction, then another, it gets tough. Perhaps that’s why, as you grow, friendship becomes so much more valuable. It’s a rare commodity.


And the friends in my life, who really are best friends, are truly rare gems. Mostly, because I don’t know how they put up with me. 

Vic, or you might know her as The Lust Listt, is one of these gems. Contrary to what you might see on Instagram, we didn’t meet blogging. We didn’t become friends because her taste in style was similar to mine. In fact, we became friends over quite a crappy work incident.


Her support during a really tough time in my life is what brought us together. She was the shoulder I cried on before I even called her a friend -a true mark of a lasting friendship, for sure.

Now we do indeed share the same passions – blogging, our pups, our blogger boyfriends, and of course, fashion and travel. But that’s not why we’re friends. They’re things we share; but as we all know, time and the context of life sometimes changes your interests and your passions. I have no doubt that our friendship will stand the test of time.





On this note of time (I know so symbolistic right?), Vic and I were so thrilled to be included in a campaign with Thomas Sabo celebrating their new Spirit Watches collection and the love between friends. After all, there’s no better time than the holidays to look at everything you have and feel grateful.

I think about my friendship with Vic in a similar way: effortless, and timeless.



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I chose to style the Silver Mesh Glam Spirit watch , because it’s just so effortlessly timeless. And in true cheesy fashion, I think about my friendship with Vic in a similar way: effortless, and timeless. The gorgeous stainless steel mesh also reminds me of how every moment in our life is woven into a beautiful mosaic and how each and every part plays a role in shaping who we are.



I styled it with the Kathmandu bracelet, also from Thomas Sabo. The piece is an homage to the capital of Nepal and its design is inspired by the mountain ranges of the Kathmandu valley. The bracelet reminds me of all the chats Vic and I have about traveling and the plans we have to see the world. And we do this over lattes pretty often. I’m a strong believer that strong women talk about goals, not gossip.



I loved Vic’s watch and bracelet choices too. Her bracelet is called United Forever… but I’ll let you head over to her blog to hear her side of our friendship story wink emoji



So what’s the trick to lasting friendship? 

I think it’s what these watches remind us of – that friendship is unique. You and your friend may be the same in many ways, but different in so many others. Remembering this is the key to maintaining your friendship and understanding the changes that come with life.

If you’re thinking of an awesome holiday gift for that special friend in your life this season, these new Spirit Watches are definitely an awesome idea. But above all, just remember to show them you love them.

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