What Wearing Nudes Really Mean

There’s no better feeling than being in your own skin. And it doesn’t always come easy to feel this way. Let’s recall all of our angsty years in high school, trying to “find ourselves”. Heck, a lot of the times I still feel like I’m trying to find myself. Either way, I believe that when you feel comfortable in your skin, that’s when you’ve truly become the most beautiful version of yourself – whether it’s when you’re 19, or when you’re 55.


That being said, we don’t exactly just roam around in our skin, do we? It’s such a paradox for me, because honestly, if I could, I would be roaming everywhere naked (although, yes, I’m sure there are hygienic issues with that haha). At the same time, I love fashion and style. I think dressing ourselves is a way of expressing our souls. So in an ideal world, I’d love to have my cake and eat it too (don’t we all).


For me, a close thing to roaming naked is dressing in nudes. Aside from the fact that nudes are literally the easiest to style, and definitely stand the test of time, they kind of give me the sense of expressing my love for “our true selves” (i.e. nudity). I love layering a full nude look together because it’s almost an expression for my love of all-bearing nudity… in a fully dressed manner emoji

I won’t lie, this is probably one my “lazy day uniforms”. There’s nothing all that special about it except that I feel natural and so comfortable. And that’s the whole premise of killer style right? Feeling amazing and comfortable. At least, that’s my philosophy.


Big chunky sweaters are literally the centrepiece of transitional style. And with unpredictable weather like we get here in Toronto, it’s literally a staple all year round. This chunky beige saviour is from Ami Club Wear (I know, a very unmatched shopping site for what it is – but hey, a good deal is a good deal right?!). It was only $14.99. SCORE!


The top is one my fav “go-to work pieces”, from Willow and Thread (a line at Reitmans) and the shorts are a cheap thrill I picked up during a Forever 21 sale (I think they were only $15 too). All in all, this entire look was less than $100. And I’m super comfortable with that. It’s not a showstopper, but I feel great in it emoji


The accessories are my favourite though. Like most outfits, they’re what pull everything together.

The booties probably look super familiar to you, and that’s because they’re new but their dark counterpart has been in my closet for a while now. These Geox Twinkas are literally MY FAVOURITE booties. They have it all – comfort, luxury, and is a minimalist statement – all in one pair of booties. They’re my “gonna conquer the world booties“. I was in love with the style so much, I had to get the nude counterpart to the black ones I own. (I knew I would regret it if I didn’t… especially if anything ever happened to my black pair)


*CP2_1508 *CP2_1504

I probably don’t have to tell you this, but Geox shoes are literally my favourite comfy shoes (that aren’t my fuzzy slippers). You can see the black Twinkas styled here wink emoji

You’ve also seen the clutch before – it’s my personalized Coach “MEL” monogram bag, that I literally cherish with my life (yes, just as much as my Chanels). It’s unique and is probably the only one of its kind, so needless to stay, I wear it quite often. I also feel like it’s perfect for the vibe of this look of “just being you”.



*CP2_1525   *CP2_1515

The watch is a new classic fav I finally picked up from Daniel Wellington. This is one of the two I picked up, but I’m sure you’re well familiar with the brand. You can’t turn a corner on Instagram without seeing them. And it’s for good reason. They’re beautifully made and seriously stand the test of time. I’ve been building up my “classic timepieces” collection, and this beauty is definitely adding a little sparkle to the bunch. I got hooked up with a discount code too, so if you want to pick one up, use the discount code: MELHWANG to save that moula! thumbs up emoji


So the next time you put together a nude outfit, or are shopping and want to put together a nude ensemble, remember it’s all about feeling like you’re naked… comfortable, wild, and free girl hand out emoji

mel inspired

What’s your perspective on all-nude outfits? Like them? Hate them?