The Wild Way To Mix Prints

Print mixing kind of reminds me of art class… your first ever art classes. You don’t really know what will work together, you don’t quite know what colours will compliment each other, but you take a risk to see what becomes of it. That’s exactly the process on mixing prints, I find. You just never know what you’re gonna get (re: Forest Gump: like a box of chocolates).

It’s kind of a beautiful thing though (not knowing what to expect). I find that it inspires you to be more creatives, adventurous, and try things you would never have thought you would try. I’m typically a colour blocking girl: 1 colour + another colour = cool outfit (and when I say colour, I often been neutral tones). Somehow this day, I felt like ditching all of that and throwing together things I never thought of pairing together (waiting for a disaster and some self-inflicted laughs to come out).


Contrarily, I loved it. The two prints I mis-mashed together ended up working well and, in some ways I find, complimented each other. I picked both of them up at separate times and somehow they called for each other when I looked frantically at my closet to put an outfit together.

I think looking at similar outfit tones definitely helps if you don’t know where to start: sporty tones, feminine tones, etc. That’ll help you mix your prints with a bit more confidence.

But you know what, at the end of the day, mixing prints is kind of like life – it’ll call for you, slap you in the face, and surprise you.

Outfit In Action




*CP2_4276_sq    *CP2_4237_sq

I’m normally adversed to loud colours (you all know I’m a huge neutral-ist), but this Bench Joaquina summer bomber was way too good to pass up.  I loved the cool toned colours with the bubble gum pink. It took me a while to take the plunge and take it home with me; but I realized that I really did have nothing like it. De facto, it would go with all my neutrals… and yes, even my other prints.  That, and the name reminded me of a hot Spanish girl named Joaquina from Barcelona roaming the cobble-stoned streets, drunk, and loving life. I know, that’s a very detailed picture – what can I say, I have a vivid imagination emoji



*CP2_42302_long    *CP2_4215

This fun (and might I add, extremely comfy) Bench Superbank romper is all you really need this summer. The way that the pattern actually spells out “B E N C H” reminds of my summers as a kid, with no cares in the world (and definitely no work haha). The double layer hides those days when you’re bloating and the boxy cut gives you that effortless chic look. I will reluctantly admit that I have definitely fallen asleep, woken up, and started my day without changing out of this romper. That’s literally how comfortable it is! It’s chaotic pattern somehow meshed really well with the floral print and I loved how they almost speak to each other with their athletic, leisurely vibes!



*CP2_4229_sq    *CP2_4230

You probably remember seeing my Ghillie ties from Le Chateau throughout several of my outfit posts, and it’s because the lace ups from Le Chateau are the comfiest ones I own. LBH, lace ups are not the post practical, nor the most comfortable category of shoes. They typically cut into your ankle when you walk and give you absolutely no support when you’re trying to book it somewhere. The Le Chateau lace ups are literally the only exception to this! They are amazingly comfortable! So naturally, I went up and stocked up on more, including this awesome “luxe” pair. The leather has already moulded to my feet and, consequently, are my new slip-on-and-gos!



CP2_4279_sq    CP2_4281_sq

Since my outfit was already so busy, I tried to keep it chill with accessories. I was inspired by the fun-loving vibe of all the statement pieces, so I threw on a little chain from Brass Paper Smith, and my new favourite personalized accessories – my Ziggit pins! The story on these folks are coming out soon, but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek. I literally put them on everything. It’s like signing your signature on every piece of clothing you own, and making it stand out as yours. Sounds up my alley right wink emoji


I think the trick to mixing prints is really just about the way that each piece speaks to another. If they have a similiar tone – athletic, feminine, 90s inspired, etc. – it’ll work that much better. It’s like being on the same page as your S.O. lol

Either way, if you like it, then even if it is a mish-mash, it’s your mish-mash, and that makes it a masterpiece!

mel inspired

What’s your favourite way to mix prints?


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