Winter Whites & Breaking Fashion Rules

DSC_1292 2_longRemember those days when people actually called you out like “YOU’RE WEARING WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY?!” ? I do. I think I was in elementary school when I was fervent on wearing white (because it was the colour of the snow on the ground) and a bunch of girls promptly scolded me for it. Kids will be kids but they definitely got that idea from somewhere, right?


I love that the red tape of fashion has been broken. There is no longer a single fashion bible, nor a single “fashion God” stipulating the dos and donts (who really was it?). There’s room for every style, just like there’s room for every body, shape, and size. We still have a long way to go, but we’ve definitely come far already!

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As the winter months crawled forward and Labor day came and passed, I was totally inspired to continue sporting my spring whites and light colours. After all, a girl’s gotta live on a budget and eliminating light colours just because it’s cold just didn’t seem financially conscious.

These ripped Frame Denim jeans are a pair of my favourites. They’re super stretchy, which is basically a prerequisite in jeans for me and are the perfect cut.

White jeans, I’ve decided, are now a year-end staple emoji Plus, who wants to invest in a pair of nice jeans only to have them put into storage in a couple months, right?!



I paired the jeans with my favourite must-have for the season – this sleeveless knit tunic. I love that the length just covers my butt to keep it warm but isn’t bulky. You know that struggle where it’s freezing outside but boiling hot inside (because everyone finds the need to blast their heat)? wink emoji

DSC_1429 2_sq

This lavender-grey shaded one is probably my go-to right now. I wear it, admittedly, a little too often haha It’s from Dynamite, so it’s incredibly affordable and feels super soft. I know most people think of Aritzia when they think of this style of tunic, but ain’t no one got $100 to spend on each sweater emoji

The style of knit also doesn’t pill, so that’s a HUGE plus in my books (I’m so bad with the maintenance of my knits).


DSC_1299 2_sq    DSC_1319 2_sq

I draped my seasonal grey wrap scarf (pretty basic) and accessorized with white pumps with subtle plastic detailing and a pair of clear shades. Easy peezy! My colleagues in the office probably see this look on me all the time because it’s like my work-uniform. BUT for good reason – it’s so damn comfortable!

DSC_1397 2


For the holiday season, this tunic look is perfect because it definitely hides the Buddah belly that comes as a result of stuffing your face with food. So the answer is yes – I will also be sporting this look for the holidays emoji


So join the force and say peace-out to fashion rules – sport your whites proudly and never listen to anyone else’s “style” advice… including mine (unless of course, you like what I’m doing haha if so, feel right ahead to be inspired)! In sum though, just do YOU girl emoji

p.s. wearing whites in a sea of black (which is what everyone wears to holiday events) will make you look like the snowflake in a dark sky emoji YES girl hand out emoji

mel inspired

Do you wear your whites in the winter months? Would you?



  • Thuy says:

    My only concern with wearing white at any time of the year is just that I may get it dirty haha.

    Two things though: 1) Love the top. Your comment about $100 sweaters kills me lmao. 2) Teach me your ways of emojis on blogs. I love emojis. But my theme is only limited to the basic ones.

  • Alice says:

    Gorgeous! No white after Labor Day is just silly; complete disregard! ;D

    xo, Alice | Miss Inconnue | Etsy

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