WMCFW REHASH: Day 1 & Repping YYZ

And so we embarked on another WMCFW adventure. Every season seems strangely similar and, at the same time, extremely different from the last. It’s like this fashion bubble you fall back into twice a year – a rabbit hole of 120 hours when all you can think about is “de FASH-UN”. Nevertheless, it is still one of my favourite times of the year. I attended my first fashion week about 8 seasons ago and I’ve missed only 1 or 2 since (Ahem, #Committed). It is truly amazing to see the amount of fashionistas that hide under their parkas for 6 months out of the year and pop up at the WMCFW tents (I like to think of myself as included in this category).

On that note, I decided to rep my Toronto pride at the first day of WMCFW, sporting a hat with YYZ (minus one Y – sadly, I don’t think it was meant to be for Toronto, but it was definitely the inspiration behind me buying it).


It was pretty damn chilly at the tents on the first day of WMCFW (and the entire week for that matter), so I’m not too sure how I came to the decision of not wearing pants… but I did. The lace neon yellow mixed up with the sporty and tomboy-ish features of the blue, ball cap, and sports coat felt like just the right amount of contrast. If not, I mean hey, it is fashion week after all. I did used to wear fascinators to the WMCFW tent…


Day 1 WMCFW Runway Rehash & My Favs

The line up for WMCFW Day 1 was a heavy hitter. Mikhael Kale, Sid Neigum, and Pink Tartan opened it up. Although I wasn’t a massive fan last season, this year I’m eating my doubt-cake and calling Mikhael Kale not only my favourite on Day 1, but one of my absolute favourites all week. The shearling accents, mixed with colors, embroidery, beading, and perfectly contrasted hues truly made my heart sing. It truly spoke to what I feel fashion is meant to do – inspire.


Mikhael Kale F/W 2015. Photo by MonsieurBowtie.com, Dave Pereira.

Sid Neigum didn’t fail us, bringing in his monochromatic and structured looks that are tailored to perfection. They’re all super edgy and maybe I’ll grow up to be able to pull one of those bad boys off. Some people said they looked like garbage bags – I think he stayed true to his aesthetic and brought us new textures to play with.


Sid Neigum, F/W 2015. Photo by MonsieurBowtie.com, Dave Pereira.

Pink Tartan was exactly what you expected, just with fur stools that are to die for. The sophisticated, and well-tailored collection didn’t make anyone in the risers gasp, but you could tell the buyers were going to eat it all right up. So, despite the horrible lighting and the weird cloud shaped fixture in the centre, the collection was on point and effortlessly chic.


Pink Tartan, F/W 2015. Photo by MonsieurBowtie.com, Dave Pereira.

My Favourite Looks of WMCFW Day 1


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