3 Ways To Style a Tulle Skirt + Video

When I’m asked to describe my style, I reluctantly give an answer. Sure, there are things I really like and most of my pieces are neutral colours (really because I’m too cheap to invest in something that won’t go with everything), but it doesn’t mean that it defines “my style”.

I look at my style as something that’s dynamic and as something that constantly changes, depending on what I make of it.

That’s why I specifically challenged myself to go outside my comfort zone and make something that’s typically “not my style” and make it completely my style – a tulle skirt. I loved ballet when I was young, but I never really liked the “girliness” of tulle skirts. I felt like it made me less of a strong girl/woman/grown up. Going back on my words here, I was committed to making it my own.

Garderobe Toronto (who makes their Tulle skirts by hand here in Toronto) was so lovely and decided to partner with me on this initiative. They are the beautiful creators of the ivory tulle skirt I’m wearing.

Outfit In Action



Look 1 was all about the casual vibe that I love so much (but that doesn’t stereotypically go with a tulle skirt). You might remember this t-shirt, choker, and modern loafer combo from this little moment, so clearly I’m putting it on repeat. The choker is a DIY from Michaels, the T Shirt is a basic from Old Navy, the wrap around window pane blouse is from Urban Planet (haha yeah, I’m “ratchet” like that), and the beautiful shoes are from my friends at Geox. I wanted the look to feel effortless and almost backwards from how you’d normally see a tulle skirt worn. Paired with my dark lips from Bite Beauty, I felt like I had successfully turned this into a “Gothic Moody Princess” look.


*CP2_3952    *CP2_3954


If you’ve ever seen any of my other outfit photos, you’ll know that I typically sway towards a sporty vibe. I don’t purposely do this, but I think it speaks to my lifestyle because I’m constantly running around. This look was all about that part of my lifestyle. The hat, sports bra, sandwich bag purse, and metallic sneakers (which are also super comfy because they’re from Geox, called the Jaysen sneaker) all came together to make this Sporty Spice Princess take.




Then I decided I needed to pay respect to the beautiful femininity that’s represented by a tulle skirt. There’s nothing wrong with being that girly girl. For me, being a girl means being strong against all odds and stereotypes. It means being a boss lady and getting shit done no matter what. I wanted this look to represent the no bullshit vibe of this woman I constantly work towards becoming, with nothing but a tied up collar shirt and some lace ups (which are my nude Ghillie Tie favourites from Le Chateau)



If there’s something I highly dislike, it’s stereotypes and categorizations of yourself. Life is so short, why put limitations on yourself? I think these looks here represent how anything you want can be an extension of yourself if you’re passionate enough to make it your own. Whether it’s your style, your career, your relationships, or your home… “it” is only what you make of it emoji

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What makes you feel confident and strong? Do you like tulle skirts?


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