Why My Amazon Obsession Is On A Whole New Level

If you’re old enough to remember the dawn of Amazon (and the dreary life without it), you’ll probably be in the same boat as me now… that is, completely and utterly dependent and addicted to Amazon

I’m not just being over-dramatic. The service has undoubtedly changed my life, and I’m sure the lives of many others. From the way I do groceries, to the way I research and invest in new technology for my home and blog, all the way to figuring out new beauty hacks… Amazon has literally been my partner in crime for it all. Don’t tell Dave (although, truthfully, he’s probably an even bigger fan than I am)

Amazon makes it so easy to get what you need, find new things that you want, and make purchasing it easy and seamless. Not to mention, the deals you score are typically better than heading to the retail store to get it. 

Fun fact? Basically my entire studio set up, as well as my camera, lenses, and all my production equipment is from Amazon


I think what’s really cool about it is that it’s not just for the tech geek, or the book nerd… it’s also for the beauty gurus and fashion junkies. You realize  that Amazon literally has something for everyone… including my dog (I get all of Simba’s toys on Amazon).

Given all of this, I am so soooo excited to announce… 

I’ll be partnering with Amazon as a new Amazon Associate for all of 2017!

What does this mean? It means I’ll be sharing some of my best kept Amazon shopping secrets with you guys. I’ll also be sharing my top lists and do all the Amazon scouring for you. That way, you just have to pop on here every once in a while and check out the great deals and fun stuff. Of course, I’ll only recommend the products I’ve tried and tested. If it’s something I’m thinking about picking up, I’d love to get your guys’ feedback on it. 

Until then, here’s a sneak peek of my top 4 must-haves that are one heck of a deal and that I can’t live without: 

1) Pure Lavender Essential Oil 

2) Beauty Blenders

3) Clear Cosmetic Traveling Bags

4) Acrylic Lipstick Organizers

Can’t wait to embark on this new journey with you guys! Perhaps I’ll even do a bit of a haul in the next coming months. Exciting things are coming! 

mel inspired

I’d love to hear about your favourite products OR what you go to Amazon for?

Let me know in the comments below!