Bedroom Transformation Part 2: Final Reveal

Rewind 1 year and it felt like we were never going to reach this day – the day when Dave and I finally finished renovating the last room of our #InspiredOnOssington project. 

As a quick reminder, or for those of you who are new to our #InspiredOnOssington Home Project, Dave and I purchased this home in June 2017 and embarked on the journey of tearing down and gutting the entire house, and the mission of building our dream home out of it with our 4 bear hands. 

Although renovations are never complete in a home like this, the bedroom was the last room that was still pretty much in its original shamble-form. 

I can only describe the feeling of completing it like finishing the final chapter of an ongoing book saga.

Living through your renos is a test of strength, not only for your physical abilities, but also your emotions. Waking up to a space you pay thousands of dollars for, but that feels like a mess, is a test of mental strength that has truly taught us so much. Although I don’t foresee us “fully complete” in our renovations journey (we still have the guest bedroom and our studios to furnish), the milestone of completing our bedroom was a sigh of relief… and one that we’re fully basking in. It’s become the symbol of us truly “making it!”

A big and extra special thank you to our friends at Structube for being with us on pretty much our entire renovation journey. We did a pretty drastic Living Room Renovation series recently, in case you didn’t catch it. But almost every room in our home is furnished with products we purchased from Structube and I can’t express enough how their pieces have truly made our dream home a reality. 

We didn’t have to do much structural work to this room (compared to the other spaces in our home), but it was still a doozy. This room went through the works (especially being the room we stored everything in AND the room that we slept in during the bulk of our renovations). But with new floors and a fresh coat of paint, the bones slowly came together, and all that was left was for us to fill it. 



In case you didn’t catch it, designing and deciding what to fill our newly found space in was a process (a really, really fun one). You can read all about what we considered for the space in Part 1 of our Bedroom Transformation Series. As a quick summary, we wanted this space to feel warm but still maintain that industrial modern touch to remain consistent with the rest of our home… a more modern-boho style, if you will. We wanted to maintain statement pieces that featured unique wood markings, and wanted to sprinkle in gold texture to give it a more refined flare. 

If you’re not already familiar with Structube (where have you been?!), they are what Dave and I call the mecca of our interior needs (mostly because their pieces are not only on-trend, but also so accessible and affordable). They really help you to live the philosophy of having fun with your space and finding fresh pieces that bring joy. There’s literally something for everyone (no matter what your aesthetic is) and constantly have new stock arriving (some of the items we picked up weren’t originally available, but since I am a self-proclaimed Structube fangirl, I caught them as soon as they dropped haha) 

Here are the products and elements we used to transform our bedroom from an empty shell to a heaven awaken: 






LBH, the bed is the king of the bedroom and we wanted to make sure we thought long and hard about which bed we wanted. After all, it dictates the flow of the entire space. The Clarence bed (we have a Queen size) immediately made us bow our heads. It’s made with an exotic (but eco-friendly) acacia wood and its clean lines with gorgeous natural wood markings won our hearts. It’s also blended perfectly with a modern black metal to give it that modern vibe. We also picked up the matching Clarence dresser (which has slowly become all Dave’s haha). In short… All hail, Clarence. 

Clarence Bed, $499
Clarence Dresser, $549











Our old nesting tables were the death of us and our room. Sometimes the value of extra drawer storage made the bed area feel messier than it did organized. This time around we decided to go minimal (half to let the bed shine in its glory and half because it forced us to keep the area free from clutter). After all, a decluttered space is a decluttered mind.

These beautiful (real) marble and gold brushed Vinci nesting tables come in a set and I secretly can’t believe they didn’t cost thousands of dollars. I love that they add extra space if we need it (think cookies in bed haha) but still feel clean and modern. 

Vinci Nesting Tables, $229











One of the perks of having an older home is that bay windows were basically a given back in the day. This little corner of our bedroom is the most light-filled space in our home and we wanted to make sure it was special. 

I’ve had my eyes on this beautiful, art-deco-esque Kanji chair for so long and it was the perfect fit for this corner. I love its wooden frame and rich leather… but I’m pretty sure Simba loves it more. 

We completed the corner with this gold accented velvet Keira ottoman. 

Kanji Armchair, $299
Keira Ottoman, $79













Originally, we had purchased a different lighting fixture for the bedroom, but as soon as we saw that Structube had released this gold adorned Cassiopeia pendant, we returned the other one and purchased it immediately. 

The patterns of the exposed light bulbs reminds me of the glow-in-the-dark stars I used to glue onto my ceiling as a kid and is truly the North star of our bedroom. 

Cassiopeia Pendant, $85













And lastly, if there’s anything we learned about decor, it’s that the smallest details make the biggest difference. We made sure to find small accents that tie all the larger pieces together through gold accents and clean modern lines.

Between our arrangement of throw pillows (Structube has the best throw cushion selection) to the Daniel mirror that creates the illusion of another window, the accents truly make a world of a difference.

Daniel Mirror, $149 
Thelma Lamp, $55
Ramie Sheets, $85








Simba taking a moment to enjoy one of his many new thrones and making himself all too comfortable on our Ramie sheets.


A close up of the beautiful marble table tops of the Vinci nesting tables.

The Cassiopeia pendant shining bright in its element.


The space truly turned into something more beautiful than I even originally imagined and the feeling of coming into this room at the end of a long day is honestly so priceless. I hope our transformation showed you that you don’t need to be an interior designer to create a space you love. You don’t have to spend all your life’s savings. And you should 100% have fun creating and reinventing it (whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking for a little update). 

We can’t wait to continue sharing our home decor journey throughout our house and as seasons change. You might say I’m cheating on my fashion with home decor (shhh.. don’t tell anyone haha). In the meantime, we can’t wait to hear what you think of our newly minted bedroom!

In true Marie Kondo style, signing off by sending my bedroom love and infinite amounts of gratitude. 


mel inspired


What do you think of our bedroom transformation? Do any of Structube furniture choices speak to you? Let us know in the comments below!