Inspired Look : Naked & Refreshed

The winter always feels so long when the cold first hits, but then you realize it’s the end of February and spring is literally right around the corner. Immediately, you notice a lighter bounce in your step, a bigger smile on your face, and a new, fresher perspective on your life. At least that’s how I feel.


I literally spend the winter in blacks and sweats. You just have to to stay warm. It’s negative 20 degrees celsius for god’s sake. I’m definitely looking a lot less stylish than I’d like to. I also feel somewhat limited by the cold. My wardrobe is restricted by warmth. I dress for how I feel and, in the winter, I feel cold. That’s the reality of it, right?!

That being said, we’ve been seeing a couple warmer days recently and it has literally made my life. I know I shouldn’t let the weather tell me how to feel, but I am human after all.


I was so inspired by these sunny, beautifully warmer days and decided to go for a spring outfit… an ode to my welcome of spring.

I wanted this outfit to symbolize how spring makes us feel inside. It’s like the warmth strips off all the scars and layers we’ve thrown on in the winter and is rebirthing us anew. I wanted to keep it simple, classic, fresh, and of course, inspired by warmth.


I wore a classic turtle neck dress to symbolize the way that winter seeps deep within and how it still lingers amidst the coming spring months. I layered it with a warm taupe trench, that’s literally my favourite styling piece for the spring. I’m collecting a “drapy” trench in just about every color at this point.

CP2_7943   CP2_7951

This one is from Le Chateau and is extremely comfortable. It literally just falls off your shoulder in an effortless way and moves with your body in a way that structured pieces just don’t. I love how the colour is still so deep and rich, but when I look at it, I think of that midpoint transition time between winter and spring.



I wore my new favourite nude lace ups with it (the Ghille Tie Pump from Le Chateau that are only $70 wink emoji… you know I’m always out for a steal). I felt like it symbolized how we’re unlacing our restrictions from the winter, and are finally breaking free (ironic since I plan on wearing these laced up beauties a ton during the warmer months).



The lace ups actually give you enough length to go up your leg, so you can make them reach as far up as you want wink emoji SO SEXY RIGHT?! And as always (my #1 in footwear), they’re also extremely comfortable. They’re sort of padded at the balls of your feet, so you’ve got some extra cushion for the pushin’.


I love how nude colours really elongate your legs too – woot woot #legsfordays girl hand out emojiLike most of us, I neglect my nude coloured wardrobe in the winter; which means, come summer, they’re out in full force!

CP2_7901_sq    CP2_7958

And, because I’m that cliché girl you all know and (hopefully) love, I paired the look with a bouquet of flowers emoji emoji Tulips aren’t really my favourite style of floral, but I feel like nothing says spring-fresh than tulips. They are, after all, planted in the winter and spring in the spring. SO CLICHÉ RIGHT?! haha even I can’t handle myself sometimes


In all seriousness though, I was so inspired for this look. It felt refreshing and stripping off the winter layers made me feel naked and natural.

If I wasn’t already thrilled for spring, this definitely peaked my excitement.

mel inspired

Do you get the same feeling with signs of spring?

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