Inspired Look : Finding Light In Darkness

When shit hits the fan, I feel like it’s so easy to fall into a slump. What about us humans make us innately inclined to wallow in the face of adversity? I shouldn’t generalize, not everyone does this. I try not to, but it’s so easy to just curl up in a ball, put on Netflix, cry, and complain. How attractive, right?

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It might also be a girl thing. We like to fester with our emotions – it’s what makes us beautiful and unique, right?! This realization has made me take an active effort in combatting against it – learning to find something great in something bad. Shit man, it’s HARD. 

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This was the inspiration behind this look. It has badass vibes written all over it – for lack of better words, manning up, and just getting shit done. I hate the term, but truthfully, it’s what I was thinking.

I love Bench’s new spring summer collection for this reason. It’s a lot about not giving a f*ck and just living your life. It’s about being carefree, seeing the world, not taking shit from anyone or anyone and just enjoying life.


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Forgive the increase in profanity for this post. I feel like it speaks to my frustration with my own complaints haha

Like most spring/summer collections, Bench showcased a much of bright pastels and corals; but they also debuted an urban black collection. I fell in love with it. It’s so cool, badass, and speaks to the type of person I’m working on becoming.


The t-shirt dress is one of my favourites. I definitely have some from previous collections as well. It’s so soft, it makes me feel like I’m in my pjs. Layered with their new moto-style windbreaker, it perfects the “sporty-chic” vibe that I’m so in love with. Yes, because it’s basically a trend that promotes comfort in and of itself.

DSC_0044 2

DSC_9743 2_sq DSC_0052 2_sq

I added in one of Bench’s sweaters (also super comfy… AND currently on sale ca-ching) as an optional layer. You never know with these transitional spring months. The weather has a mind of its own.

DSC_0026 2_sq


I wanted the look to have a sort of unisex vibe. Wearing it backwards was kind of done by fluke, but I loved it. Like most things in life, you can’t control what the outcome is going to be; but the best thing to do is just to roll with it. Turned out, I like wearing my caps backwards

DSC_9740 2_sq DSC_9692_2_sq DSC_9680 2_sq

You’ve seen the bucket bag backpack before here; but I couldn’t get enough of it and it’s been a sidekick for me ever since I picked it up. A lot of people ask me where it’s from and can’t believe it’s Bench; but honestly, all my favourite backpacks are from Bench. It’s like they’re designed for the adventurer (i.e. they fit EVERYTHING).

DSC_9717 2_cr

We shot the look at dusk because I really wanted to fire home the message that you can truly be the light in the darkness. Here’s the cliché part, friends haha There’s nothing you can’t do to get out of a pickle. You just gotta pick yourself up, tell yourself you can get through it, and do it.

*DSC_0058 2_2 *DSC_9760 2_sq

We overthink a lot, and that’s sometimes the problem. I hate admitting that because I think the greatest part of being a human is the ability to think; but in times like this, you’re just torturing yourself.

Let it go, take a deep breath, keep it simple, be comfortable in your discomfort, and attack. There’s a reason why there’s one white piece in an all black outfit wink emoji

mel inspired

How do you stay positive?

  • Alice

    I feel like this is the perfect super woman outfit! Although I have to say a Netflix binge session really does perk me up 😉

    xo, alice / T Y P E N U

    • Mel

      Aw thanks Alice – that’s the best compliment anyone could ever give me. And don’t worry, I’m totally with you on the Netflix binge sitch haha 😉

  • Lii

    I agree with you! I do overthink as well, and sometimes it is really difficult to stay positive around so much negative. I try to think of at least couple of positive things that I can focus on, or think of how fortunate I have been. Also, forcing a smile on my face turns into a natural smile at some point and the rest of the day will be better! I hope you will have more positive days and smiles to come 🙂

    • Mel

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Lii! I completely agree with you. Forcing a smile definitely does turn into a genuine smile at some point. I do that while I’m stuck in traffic and it totally works haha 🙂 Wishing you lots of smile as well girlfriend.