Must-Have Blazers For The Warmer Seasons

Because we be blazing through to the summer like…. haha my puns are getting real reaaaal up in here. In all seriousness, blazers have come such a long way and I’m so proud of where they stand today. I sound like a parent clapping at the sound of my child’s convocation. But I’ve always been a huge fan of a good blazer and a well-fitted suit for as long as I can remember. Something about a blazer is not only smart-looking and so chic, but it’s actually the most versatile of transitional weather jackets, IMHO. 

Whether you’re going from the office to a night out with the girls, are headed to the mall and want to look put together, blazers have got you covered. It’s one of those rare items in your closet that go with everything and spread across the seasons. 

For the summer season, I always like to go for bright and bold colours, soft materials (like linens), or crisp neutrals. 

This white one I picked up recently from Le Chateau has become my Spring/Summer must have. Not only because you all know that I love Le Chateau and the fact that so many of their pieces (and almost all of their suiting) is made in Canada, but because they come up with those basics you have in your closet forever. And this white baby (barring I actually keep it white), I know, will stay in my closet for years to come. 


I love the longer-length blazer. It works with more outfits and gives your body a more elongated look. The crisp white makes every other piece you’re wearing stand out and pop. And it pairs perfectly with a summer dress, white pants (for a boss-look), or over a pair of denim shorts (for a dressed-down vibe). 

Outside of this all-white beauty, I’ve linked some of my favourite other blazers here. Cue all the florals, pretty Spring/Summer colours, and all the smart-looking vibes we about to get up in here: 

1. Floral Print Ponte Knit Blazer (Le Chateau, $150) | 2. Double Breasted Tailored Blazer (Le Chateau, $189.95) | 3. White Blazer (Le Chateau, $119.95) | 4. Tailored Vest (Le Chateau, $129.95) | 5. Crepe Open Front Light Pink Blazer (Le Chateau, $150) | 6. Coral Blazer (Le Cheateau, $99.95)

W hether you’re looking for the perfect Spring/Summer jacket, the next piece to look sharp af at the office, or just a new colour to add to your pre-existing collection, I hope you blaze into it with all the warm-weather fury in the world!


mel inspired


What are your thoughts on blazers? Are you as obsessed with them as I am?