Valentines Day & Lovey Dovey Stuff

valentines day

I know. This Valentines Day recap is super delayed …
Would you believe me if I told you it was because I was just so enchanted by the magical experience of February 14th? Haha, I didn’t think so. It’s honestly just because I had to fly out on a business trip to the West Coast a couple days after Valentines Day, so I wasn’t able to sit down and rehash #Vday memories.


In lazy girl fashion, I got ready at home – slapped on some minimal make up (because he better still think I look beautiful haha) and tied my hair up. Not very exciting, I know. Dave, my boyfriend, got to diva out a bit. In his defence, I kind of set it up for him. We had the pleasure of working with Zeno Canada and Resurva on a project that gifted Dave a full experience hot shave and cut. The Resurva platform was literally SO easy to use and solves the issue of having to call and book your appointments – we all know how guys hate doing that. Efficiency thumbs up

valentines day

We chose to hit up Garrisons Barber Shop , located conveniently in the heart of hipster village (aka Queen West). The vibe was “too cool for school”, but in the best way. Dave’s barber for the day was Cecilia (so I guess she would be his barber-esse?).

valentines day

He had an amazing time, to quote his own words “This was good. It was like a man-spa; we get to go there and be nothing but straight up men… y’know, talk about the wives, complain about the crap they put us through…” 

I could tell the cut and hot shave did him good.

valentines day


Not to sound materialistic (although deep down what girl isn’t? just a little bit) but isn’t it nice to have something you can look back on to say “Aw, I remember the Valentines day you got this for me“? Or am I the only one here monkey emoji?

We’re normally really practical with our gifts. Dave and I hate buying each other stuff that we’ll never use (or only use once or twice) – so basically, I never get clothes from him (I have a problem). This Valentines Day was all about toys- I got a Clarisonic (and no, I wasn’t offended) and he got a PS4 controller (AND a nice button up from Zara… I’m not that cheap haha). 

clarisonic valentines day


The edibles are always a mainstay for Valentines day or any special, love-based occasion (and no, I’m not referring to anything “X-plicit”)

We had the amazing pleasure of trying a taste of innovation on Valentines Day, with a special little surprise from Shotberries. What are they? Good question, they’re pure heaven, that’s what they are. Not only are they chocolate covered strawberries but they’re infused! Think chocolate covered strawberries injected with champagne. Yeah – sexy, right? You can actually get it infused with your preference of alcohol (Guys: don’t get any ideas about getting your gals drunk off these strawberries)

valentines day

For those who know me, you know I don’t drink – so my strawberries had a sweet strawberry creme inside of them. I would definitely suggest these for bachelorettes, weddings, special events, or just to treat yourself after a long week’s worth of work!

They almost look too good to eat, eh?

valentines day

For dinner, we went to Matisse here in Toronto. Admittedly, I was in charge of dinner plans and royally screwed up by forgetting until the day of. By the time I remembered, there was nothing really available. Surprise, surprise. Dinner was so lack lustre that I can’t (or won’t) even rehash the dry, tasteless, details any further. It was my fault, after all.


For the wrap up, Dave surprised me with a room full of old, white, grandparents. But actually though. And it was fabulous. I’m not joking, I’m pretty sure we were the only two people there under 50. Surprisingly though, we didn’t feel out of place (we’re old at heart). I will add some context to this though. He got us 2 tickets to Blythe Spirit, with Angela Lansbury (who I admittedly didn’t even know before this… despite the fact that she is actually a multi-Oscar winning performer, as well as a star in the old school Beauty and the Beast Disney movie  shocked emoji). It was a phenomenal show – filled with laughter, tears, and the beautiful agony of love. It was basically about how this man royally screwed himself over, resulting in his tragic end, by being in love with two women at once (his dead widow back from the after life and his new wife). All in all, a fantastic choice – I would expect nothing less, or more. Dave and I have been together for about 4 years, so theses satirical types of Valentines Days are perfect (not too lovey dovey).

valentines day

All in all, Valentines Day was just that… just another day. As many non-commercialists would argue, Valentines Day might just be another ploy to drive up consumerism after the January slum. Be that as it may, I think I believe in the sentiment behind celebrating love. I just don’t think it should be limited to a day and/or to a cookie cutter type of celebration. That time he made you laugh so hard you literally peed your pants? Yeah. That’s celebrating love. I don’t think Hallmark makes cards for it though.

Do you think celebrating days like Valentines Day seem superfluous and unnecessary? Or would you kill your boyfriend if he forgot? Let me know what ship you’re on in the comments below!

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